Friday night I managed to get in my 1400 yd. swim and a 40 minute easy run on the treadmill in the time I had  between leaving work and our holiday party.  I could feel it taking everything out of me, but I made it through. 

I went to the party and got home by 11.  Then proceeded the spend the next hour trying to find the key fob for my car.  Yep.  I lost it.  Inside the car.  Therefore, I couldn't lock the doors.  As long as th fob is in the car, it can be started and driven off without an actual key in the ignition!  I had to find the fob.  I wound up having to wake up Darren to help me.  Thankfully it wasn't easily found, but he was successful.

I was all ready to go to the RunGirl course for my 2:15 run, until I found out Darren had to go into work.  No biggie, I would just get my run in later.  This was fine with me because I still wasn't feeling all that great.  In fact I felt like I was nursing a hangover, without having drank. 

The day went on and I felt worse and worse.  I desperately needed a nap, which I took.  We took Cassie to see "Tangled" and it was all I could do not to fall asleep.  We got home and I knew from how I felt there would be no run, which was sorta okay since I had a couple hours early the next morning in which I could do it, before I had to be at defensive driving for the day.

I woke on Sunday and my head was full of congestion and horrible pressure behind one eye.  I pressed on though, knowing running generally clears the snot from my head.  I headed out and got started.  The pressure behind my eye was ridiculous.  I found even my visor was too tight to wear with the pressure so already decided on 2 5-mile loops so I could swing by the house and drop off the visor, since I couldn't wear it.

I got about a mile in, and my stomach just turned. I slowed down a minute to make sure I was okay and started back up again... 30 seconds later... BARF! Ugh... makes me want to gag again typing it. 

That was it.  I went home.  I called it a day. I'm not sure what this crud is, but it's killing me.  I had nothing the rest of the day and just felt like I was living with a hangover.  I made it through defensive driving, only napping a few times. :)  Still feeling like crap, I never got my run in. 

I just need to get better.  Run Girl is in 5 days.  :(


  1. Hope you get better very, very soon! :(


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