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On Our Way... But First a Race Report: 2011 El Paso 5k

Yeah, I'm leaving for Oprah today.  I'm so freakin' excited I could just bust out of my skin.

First though, an unexpected race report.  :)

Saturday I had a great training day.  I did a 52 mile ride averaging over 16 mph -- that was my first time out on the bike, probably since Redman, with the occasional ride.  I've been lax with cycling and swimming because I'm doing so much running!  It was a windy day, so it was a challenging ride.  And, I was all alone.  Most of my friends got lottery spots in the Houston Marathon or Half.

After my bike, I had a run.  It was my best transition run ever, at a 12:30 pace.  I was quite surprised, because I didn't feel *faster* at all.

I was pretty well spent from that training session, so when someone offered their bib for the El Paso 5k, I decided I would just use it for a training run.  No expectations.

Damnit if I didn't PR!  First, it crappy conditions.  Rainy/misty, windy... just weird weather.  My first mile was 11:1…

Gimme an "O"

Training has been going well.  My running continues to improve every week!  Again at track I PR'd my 5k time by another minute.  I'm still somewhat shocked at the improvements I'm seeing, but it's about time.

I won a free race entry to a local sprint for women.  The Race Director was nice enough to let me transfer the entry to the Mardi Gras Half Marathon.  Yeah, I know. *Another* Half.  MC really feels like I can crush my 3 hours, not just make it under the wire.  I think he's right.  I feel like I could come in somewhere around 2:50.  Conditions just need to be right, and not like they were for USAFit.  That was just horrible.  Horrible, but I realized it is still an accomplishment.

Training is ramping up and working out my schedule is a bit challenging.  Add to that my Husband is training for Lonestar; this will be his first sprint.  Although he recently found out he has a Hernia, so has to have surgery.  We're not sure yet what that means for him and Lones…

She's Coming Home!

My bike, that is.

She's been in the shop for the last week, getting a carbon make-over in the form of new handle/aerobars.  The bars were kind of a post-Xmas gift, I guess.  Right after the new year Darren found a set for half price, then I had a 15% off coupon, so I got a carbon fiber base bar and aerobars, by Profile Design for just $142, and that included 2-day shipping!

I'm not a real big gear head, because I feel like the biggest thing I can do to cut weight off your bike is to lose weight.  All the carbon in the world won't make a difference if what's on the saddle is weighing the bike down.  The bars won't necessarily make me faster, but the ones that came on the bike were sooooo bulky and heavy -- I mean REALLY heavy.  You could tell, jut by looking at them.

I took off from work today because I'm so behind on everything domestic and training.  I was supposed to have an "easy" week this week, but I didn't know easy mean 9 1/2 hours of train…

5 Years ago... Yesterday

5 years ago, yesterday, I started this blog.  It's been a resting spot for my thoughts and findings and somewhat of a resource that helps with accountability.   I journal my activities, things I'm grateful for, and what happens along the path to achieving my goal.  I've had other blog-like sites previous to this one, but this is probably the longest running format I've maintained. My blog's former name was, "She Didn't Have Time"

So in honor of my 5 year blog-o-versary, here's snippits from my very first post:

Hello new blog. :)
I'm Donna. Since I will be getting very intimate with you in future, I should explain what has prompted me to find a new place to journal...
It's the third week of the new year and I have finally come to terms with the idea of having weight loss surgery. Over the years I have had very mixed feelings about it. And while I thought it extreme and not the best method for me, I always supported my friends on their jo…



1 Carrot and Humus
 Wasa Light Cracker bread
1/3 of an apple w/slice of lowfat cheddar
Homemade rotisserie chicken salad with celery, walnuts and cranberries.


Breakfast today....

I'm trying to get more pro-biotics in my diet because it is supposed to help with absorption of vitamins and medications.  So I had some strawberry Kefir and one of my homemade oatmeal bars (these are burned, but I couldn't toss it!)

I think I posted the oatmeal bar recipe, but here it is again, just in case. Plus it makes me feel good I can actually remember something.  :)

Oatmeal Breakfast Bars
2 1/2 Cups Oatmeal
1 Cup whole almonds, unsalted
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds, hulled and unsalted
1/2 Cup Pumpkin Seeds, hulled and unsalted.
1 Cup of unsweetened coconut (I use Bob's Red Mill)
1 can of lowfat Condensed milk.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees

Mix all dry ingredients together.  Warm milk in a saucepan over low heat.  Once milk is hot, pour into dry mixture and mix well. 

Line a 13x9 pan with foil or use a baking spray.  Spread mixture into pan.  Bake for 1 hr. in the oven.

Remove from oven.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Score your tray …

Funny Update

As it turns out I must have beat Taco Man over the finish.  Looking at the clock time on the overall results he crossed after me. He must have stopped to shake hands again.  I was so out of it and hurting, I didn't even notice. :)

USA Fit Half Marathon Race Report

I was getting super-excited about this race. Strange because, first, it's running. I only see it as a necessary evil to Triathlon, and second it's a running race. Bleh!  Nonetheless, I was excited to see what would happen since the last few weeks I felt like I was improving. A PR is always great, but a PR in spite of obstacles and mental game, is even better.

Everything started going whacky on Friday night. I went to packet pick-up and a car backed into me while I was walking through the parking lot. I saw the guy leaving the ATM and getting into his Bentley (yeah, I was at Luke's Locker) and I thought, surely he won't just get in and back-out. He did. He saw me a the last second and stopped. He hit my legs, but didn't knock me over. It was more scary than anything!

Then I get home and I'm getting stuff together to go volunteer for the Surfside Shuffle (to earn some good Karma!). I was coming down the stairs in my house and, in socked feet, fell down half a fli…

Feeling Good!

Training has been going well, and I feel like maybe my running is peaking in time for my "A" race this  Sunday (feel funny using that term at my level!).  Track work last night was another PR -- all of my 1 mile repeats were under 11:55.  My first was 11:35, and I was interrupted and stopped because I thought someone was talking to me, trying to get my attention.  It definitely would have been under 11:30!  I was beside myself, once again, because frankly I thought my legs felt like crap.  Turns out they were just cold.  It was 40 degrees and windy at track last night.

My plan for my race is to run 1/2 mile intervals with a :30 walk for the first 5 miles.  For the next 5 miles I'll do 3/4 mile intervals with a :30 walk. The last 5K is supposed to be "something special".  Race it, but keep my heart rate from getting away from me and take a 5-10 second walk break here and there if needed.  If I can just visualize the track and my 400 repeats, I can make it throu…

Giving Some More Thought to Races

So I needed to give some more thought to my schedule.  One of my goals is to slow-down a little on racing, and give my body a chance to get better.  Being constantly in training mode really isn't good for me or trying to get my hormonal issues in balance.  One thing, for sure, is that I'm taking the month of May completely off from tri training.  I'm going to get some rest and do some weight training and regular exercise to maintain fitness, but nothing crazy.

Someone asked me how I choose my races.  Basically I pick a couple "A Races"  Those are my main training focus, then I fill in with what will compliment my training for those races.  So I really don't *race* everything -- sometimes it's just for training.  The 3 big races  for me this year are Lonestar, Redman and OilMan.

USA Fit Half Marathon - January
This is my "A" race.  The race I've been training for since Redman.

Silverlake Swim - March
They did a 1 mile and 2 mile swim last year…

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year! A little late, but sincere in sentiment. :)

I've been kinda busy the last couple weeks, so I didn't finish out the year with my Reverb10.  The prompts were becoming somewhat repetitive to me in ways and I kept drawing on the same instances in a year.  In any case it was fun to do.  Reflecting on the past and asserting some thought to the things you want to change is a great way to get started. 

Family is good and we all had good holidays.  I was a little sad since my Mom didn't come here at all during the holidays, but she's having a rough time these days and needs some space to just "be".  I get that completely.  I hope 2011 is better for her and the rest of my NJ family.  Right before Christmas my brother-in-law lost his job of 18 years without any notice whatsoever, and for no fault of his own.  So help me sent some good vibes to Jersey... because they need it right now.

Training is going great!  I know... can you believe running + trainin…