Feeling Good!

Training has been going well, and I feel like maybe my running is peaking in time for my "A" race this  Sunday (feel funny using that term at my level!).  Track work last night was another PR -- all of my 1 mile repeats were under 11:55.  My first was 11:35, and I was interrupted and stopped because I thought someone was talking to me, trying to get my attention.  It definitely would have been under 11:30!  I was beside myself, once again, because frankly I thought my legs felt like crap.  Turns out they were just cold.  It was 40 degrees and windy at track last night.

My plan for my race is to run 1/2 mile intervals with a :30 walk for the first 5 miles.  For the next 5 miles I'll do 3/4 mile intervals with a :30 walk. The last 5K is supposed to be "something special".  Race it, but keep my heart rate from getting away from me and take a 5-10 second walk break here and there if needed.  If I can just visualize the track and my 400 repeats, I can make it through the last 5K in good time.  I want < 3 hours, dang it!

My nutrition plan is 1 gel in each of 4 10 oz. bottles and Gatorade at the rest stops, or every 15 minutes.

It's going to be  cold morning, so I plan to leave enough time before I leave for the race to take a quick lap outside, like I did for RunGirl. 

I'm struggling a little with the idea of some alternative treatment of my hypothyroidism.  Armour Thyroid is dessicated hormone from a pig, but it's real, natural.  I take Levoxyl which is a synthetic hormone, which is well, synthetic.  I've been reading about people's experiences when they switch and it just seems that some people respond better to Armour Thyroid than other products.  I'm just wondering if I'm not one of them.

I talked it over with my trusted PCP and he's on the fence about it.  The problem is the dosage is not standardized so that leaves some questions -- but is that enough for me not to try it?  I don't know.

I know my Endo and I have made some progress, but we haven't hit a home run yet.  Numbers are right, but still not feeling great all the time.  I have both good days and bad days and to  his credit I think the good out number the bad, but only slightly.  He's not a believer in alternative medications like Armour so I'm really, really torn. I know when I talk to him about it, he's not going to approve.  And I'm not prepared for the "Why do you want to do it question?" with a good reason.  My reason is, I just want to try and see how I feel. 

I still have these large fluctuations of weight up and back down, up and back down -- that can't be good for my metabolism!  I'm still freezing cold all the time.  Last night I went to bed with socks on my hands, a tee shirt, sweatshirt and sweatpants, while my husband was sweating in the middle of the night!

My hair is better, my sleep is more sound, but what of my other symptoms?


  1. I'm dealing with the same.
    My levo dose gets changed on average, every 3 months- It's a roller coaster of too low, then too high, and then when it's in the "normal" range I feel crappy.
    I have an appointment with my outside HMO NP to get my bioidentical hormones refilled and plan on asking her for the Armour.
    After my hysterectomy, my HMO would not give me any progesterone and I felt bad! I could not think or sleep.
    I finally paid out of pocket and got the a prescription. That night, I slept all night for the first time in a year!
    My primary doc knows I take then, but says they don't follow the HMO's protocol.
    So, sometimes what's best for us, might just not be their norm.
    I'd ask. If the Armour doesn't help, atleast you know you tried it and it just may make the world of difference!


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