Gimme an "O"

Training has been going well.  My running continues to improve every week!  Again at track I PR'd my 5k time by another minute.  I'm still somewhat shocked at the improvements I'm seeing, but it's about time.

I won a free race entry to a local sprint for women.  The Race Director was nice enough to let me transfer the entry to the Mardi Gras Half Marathon.  Yeah, I know. *Another* Half.  MC really feels like I can crush my 3 hours, not just make it under the wire.  I think he's right.  I feel like I could come in somewhere around 2:50.  Conditions just need to be right, and not like they were for USAFit.  That was just horrible.  Horrible, but I realized it is still an accomplishment.

Training is ramping up and working out my schedule is a bit challenging.  Add to that my Husband is training for Lonestar; this will be his first sprint.  Although he recently found out he has a Hernia, so has to have surgery.  We're not sure yet what that means for him and Lonestar.  We'll know more this Friday when he visits the surgeon.

In Non-training news, guess who's going to an Oprah taping?!?  Me!  Me, my BFF and another friend who had meeting Oprah on her bucket list.  The other friend is actually one of my coaches too.  Here's how it all started.

I've been trying on and off to get tickets for a number of years.  When Oprah announced her final season, I was certain getting tickets would be like winning the lottery for Ironman Kona.  I decided to keep positive and to anyone that would listen I just kept saying, "I'm going to meet Oprah this year."   I just said it to my Boss 2 weeks ago!

Online they wanted fans of Susan Sarandon, Holly Hunter and Sissy Spacek to apply for tickets.  I'm a fan of Holly Hunter, so I applied and almost fell off my seat when I got the message from the Audience coordinator.  They wanted me to come to today's taping.  This all happened on Monday.  I called my BFF, but tickets to fly were over $2,000!!  I love Oprah, but my Domestic Financial Officer doesn't love her as much as I do to approve a 2K flight fare.

So I wrote back the coordinator, thanked her,  and told her exactly what I just said.  She wrote me back and said she could invite me to the 2/1 taping, but couldn't tell me what the content was.  Again, I was in shock.

Called the BFF and we managed to figure out an itinerary and get reasonable flights.  Then I recalled a chat with Mel we recently had about things on our "bucket list".  Evidently along with qualifying for Boston she wants to meet Oprah.

Of course I wanted to make the request of the audience coordinator, but I didn't want to sound like I was ungrateful, or looking a gift-horse in the mouth, you know?  But I was sincere and told her about Mel, and why she'd be deserving of the opportunity.  The worst that could happen is that I don't ask and I miss an opportunity.  Mel is so giving to everyone and simply gets joy from helping us... that's why she's such a good Coach.  With 3 boys including Autistic twins, you might imagine she doesn't get much of a break.  If she does, she's training or coaching.

The audience coordinator wrote back.  They said they'd be glad to extend her an invite.  Teresa, at Harpo, you'll never know how happy you made these 3 ladies.

I suspect the content might be Jennifer Hudson as a guest.  The very next day, that's who they were soliciting "Fan" tickets for.  Geez, if it was her that would be amazing!  But really, just getting to go is amazing in it of itself! I don't care!

I'm going to meet Oprah this year. :)

So, next Monday we are Chi-town bound.  It's going to be awesome.  :)


  1. As a point of reference for your husband, I had hernia surgery on August 16th. You can get something of a glimpse of my recovery time and efforts by starting to read at

    and coming forward. It's not the end of the world.

  2. I am jealous....Oprah...I love Oprah although didnt get tickets to her Aussie shows was bad timing for me anyways as it turned out...very jealous though I wold love to be in her audience......maybe someday.

    Shane and I are thinking about coming to the states next year to see the Tour of California, again it will depend on a lot of other stufdf like work, money, and just life stuff really......

    Maybe we could meet Oprah too

  3. wowee!! what fun!!!


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