Giving Some More Thought to Races

So I needed to give some more thought to my schedule.  One of my goals is to slow-down a little on racing, and give my body a chance to get better.  Being constantly in training mode really isn't good for me or trying to get my hormonal issues in balance.  One thing, for sure, is that I'm taking the month of May completely off from tri training.  I'm going to get some rest and do some weight training and regular exercise to maintain fitness, but nothing crazy.

Someone asked me how I choose my races.  Basically I pick a couple "A Races"  Those are my main training focus, then I fill in with what will compliment my training for those races.  So I really don't *race* everything -- sometimes it's just for training.  The 3 big races  for me this year are Lonestar, Redman and OilMan.

USA Fit Half Marathon - January
This is my "A" race.  The race I've been training for since Redman.

Silverlake Swim - March
They did a 1 mile and 2 mile swim last year.  This was a huge confidence booster right before Lonestar.  so I'm hoping they'll do it again. 

Gateway to the Bay - April
Just a relay; I'll be swimming.  As I previously stated, I'm already scared shitless!  They take you out to the by by boat and you swim back to shore.  It was pretty rough last year, but the only way to beat the fear is to do it!

Lonestar 70.3 - April "A Race"
This will be my second 70.3.  Just hope to improve on my time from Redman.  It will be nice to race in my own backyard!
 Ironman Texas - May (Volunteer)
I'm excited to be a "catcher" at the Finish!

TriGirl- August

I have a free race entry for one of their events.  Probably do the August Sprint distance event, since May is a super-sprint. 

Redman Full Aquabike - September "A Race"
The 2.4 mile swim & 112 mile bike will give me a good idea of how it will be to do a full Ironman.  I have visions of finishing, but then hopping on the run course for just one loop, in-bandito, just to see how it feels.  Hahaha!

5150 Series Triathlon in Galveston - October
This is an inaugural race.  Will probably use this Olympic distance race as prep for OilMan Texas.

OilMan Texas (formerly Ironstar 70.3) 
We had a free race entry for this race as a door prize for our tri club's End of Year party.  One of my  friends won it (I wanted it!!!) -- She wants to do IM Cozumel, so she sold it to me for half price.  Whooohoo!  This half will be a hilly challenge, but I'm hoping that training for Redman will prep me for it.  This will make 70.3, #3.  My goal is 6 70.3 events before I even think about a full... but in reality, I know it will be Panama City for my first.

Texas Marathon - January 2012
I wanted to do this one when I didn't make it in the Houston Marathon Lottery.  I don't know yet whether I'll do the half or the full, but I know it will be one, for sure.

In addition to this stuff I might do some organized rides and runs... It's nice to do a fully supported events and not have to worry about always being so prepared; just get out and run or ride.  I'm hoping Hubs and I can plan to at least do some stuff together.  He's doing his first Sprint at Lonestar, so we're working together to make sure both of us get our  training in.  So far, so good.  :)


  1. It is very inspiring to see someone who has their longer term goals all mapped out.....Must confess I havent really looked at longer ter goals yet, other than go faster....but over the next week or so I might start putting something like your calendar in place..I am all inspired now!


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