On Our Way... But First a Race Report: 2011 El Paso 5k

Yeah, I'm leaving for Oprah today.  I'm so freakin' excited I could just bust out of my skin.

First though, an unexpected race report.  :)

Saturday I had a great training day.  I did a 52 mile ride averaging over 16 mph -- that was my first time out on the bike, probably since Redman, with the occasional ride.  I've been lax with cycling and swimming because I'm doing so much running!  It was a windy day, so it was a challenging ride.  And, I was all alone.  Most of my friends got lottery spots in the Houston Marathon or Half.

After my bike, I had a run.  It was my best transition run ever, at a 12:30 pace.  I was quite surprised, because I didn't feel *faster* at all.

I was pretty well spent from that training session, so when someone offered their bib for the El Paso 5k, I decided I would just use it for a training run.  No expectations.

Damnit if I didn't PR!  First, it crappy conditions.  Rainy/misty, windy... just weird weather.  My first mile was 11:19, 2nd was 11:25 and the last mile, into the wind, was 12:30.  for a final time of 38:04!  I know for runners those aren't amazing times, but from where I was over the summer, to get to this point, I'm so excited.  MC says I just "need a few wins in the run column" to feel better and more positive.

The bewildering thing is, I had a hard training day the day before and probably no more than 4-5 hours of sleep!  I really wasn't rested all that well.  Another reason the PR was so unexpected.

That's it from me... I've got to go finish packing. :)


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