She's Coming Home!

My bike, that is.

She's been in the shop for the last week, getting a carbon make-over in the form of new handle/aerobars.  The bars were kind of a post-Xmas gift, I guess.  Right after the new year Darren found a set for half price, then I had a 15% off coupon, so I got a carbon fiber base bar and aerobars, by Profile Design for just $142, and that included 2-day shipping!

I'm not a real big gear head, because I feel like the biggest thing I can do to cut weight off your bike is to lose weight.  All the carbon in the world won't make a difference if what's on the saddle is weighing the bike down.  The bars won't necessarily make me faster, but the ones that came on the bike were sooooo bulky and heavy -- I mean REALLY heavy.  You could tell, jut by looking at them.

I took off from work today because I'm so behind on everything domestic and training.  I was supposed to have an "easy" week this week, but I didn't know easy mean 9 1/2 hours of training.  Yep.  70.3 training has started.

Last night was the first night I had a decent swim at the pool.  I actually felt good in the water and it's taken a few sessions to get there.  I had some moments of greatness where everything just felt right.  The more I swim, the better it will get -- it's as simple as that.

This morning I'm headed out to swim, take a spin class, then go pick-up my bike.  After that, I'm off to catch-up on all things Domestic so I can actually relax a little more this weekend.

Tomorrow is my annual "Funnest Run Ever w Chris" (aka FREC).  We run the last 6 miles of the Houston Marathon course.  Of course I wasnt lucky enough to win a lottery spot, but I like destination runs and running in different areas.  Makes the time go faster.  Only thing is it's supposed to be 34 degrees tomorrow -- just like last year, so I need to be prepared!

Anyway, I'm off.  I have a lot to do today!


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