Welcome 2011

Happy New Year! A little late, but sincere in sentiment. :)

I've been kinda busy the last couple weeks, so I didn't finish out the year with my Reverb10.  The prompts were becoming somewhat repetitive to me in ways and I kept drawing on the same instances in a year.  In any case it was fun to do.  Reflecting on the past and asserting some thought to the things you want to change is a great way to get started. 

Family is good and we all had good holidays.  I was a little sad since my Mom didn't come here at all during the holidays, but she's having a rough time these days and needs some space to just "be".  I get that completely.  I hope 2011 is better for her and the rest of my NJ family.  Right before Christmas my brother-in-law lost his job of 18 years without any notice whatsoever, and for no fault of his own.  So help me sent some good vibes to Jersey... because they need it right now.

Training is going great!  I know... can you believe running + training + great.  I'm really starting to see some improvement.  I did a 5K in 38:37 -- That's about 6 minutes off my average time and another 4 minutes off my best time for a 5k.  It happened during a track workout last week.  I did 3.25 miles in 40:41 and that was with a 400 jog between sets.  I was so happy I wanted to cry!

I'm back to biking via Mad Spin on Sundays.  I'll do this through the Winter.  We work from 2 hours up to 4 hours.  It was really good for me last year and hope it helps again this year.  This past week was our first 3 hour week.  Getting through it was no problem, except for the saddle time!  Ouch!!   My plan was to keep my heart rate low and take it easy, since I started tapering for my half marathon. 

As for running, besides my PR, I headed out to the half marathon course for USA Fit for my long run last Sunday.  I was stupid-excited about going... still hyped up from my PR, no doubt.  My 2.5 hour run was a disaster.  I really was behind on sleep from the holidays, really didn't have great nutrition and lost a water/gel bottle somewhere around mile 7.  By mile 10 I was pretty well spent.  I was hoping to get in a hair over 11 miles, but that didn't happen. At first I was feeling kinda down about it, but logically it should have been expected.  I had a killer week of running and started spinning.  My legs should have been pretty well spent.  They were. 

Swimming?  Well, the best way to get better at swimming is to get to the pool and swim, and I really haven't been doing much of it.  I tried last week but had some weird pressure in my ears like I had an infection.  No matter though... I went yesterday and I was fine.  I did a warm-up and 3x500's descend.  There wasn't much descent, but I got them all in at varying degrees of speed and my last was faster than my first.  Looks like I've lost about 10 seconds, or so, off my 100 since Redman.  I'm sure I'll get it back with more swimming. 

So what's the plan for next year?  So far, here's what's happening:

USA Fit Half Marathon
APR Gateway to the Bay (Relay -- I'm swimming)  I'm already scared shitless!
APR Lonestar 70.3
MAY NJ Marathon Festival (Half Marathon) IF I went to visit NJ in May
SEP One of the TriGirl events (I have a free race entry)
SEP Redman Full Aquabike (2.4 mile swim & 112 mile bike)
NOV Oil Man (formerly Ironstar 70.3)


  1. So whats the plan for THIS YEAR....hard to believe it is already 2011, had to write the date and seems weird....Sounds like your running is going well which is great, hope yuor health is going ok now too....

  2. Happy New Year Donna!

    How do you decide on what races to enter? ( my current strugglwe :))


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