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Happy Valentine's Day

We recently had family pictures done, and while we were there, Cassie saw the L-O-V-E letters.  She was DYING to have her pictures taken with them.  Thankfully the studio ran a special and we were able to get a few images. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Getting Back to Normal...

I had no idea how far behind I would be while crossing "Seeing Oprah in Person" of my bucket list would leave me with the rest of life.  Should be no surprise though... it's not like life stops while you take some time out to enjoy other things. Training has been less than consistent since the USAT Fit Half Marathon and I've missed at least a couple workouts every week.  I've been trying hard to make sure the running workouts continue though, and to that end I've been successful, but.... with less than 60 days left until the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3, I'm feeling like I'm a little behind on my tri training, since I've been doing so much running. Headed to track on Wednesday night and couldn't even run a quarter mile without knee pain.  I woke up on Thursday morning with some unusual knee pain.  Turned out it's nothing serious, it's just a touch Patellar Tendinitis .  I got a good Graston treatment from Doc Thea and everything s

Oh, Oh, Oprah -- Our "Experience"

Me at the Oprah Store in front of Harpo Studios I made it to Chicago and saw Oprah!  I was lucky enough to share the experience with my BFF and another dear friend.  It was great.  The show's content was not very desirable (to me) in that it was "supermodel legends."  It could have been on restoring automobiles and I would have been more interested.  But on a stage of supermodels, Oprah still shines.  I'm not sure how she did it, but she managed to somewhat salvage a very shallow, un-Oprah-like, interview. No great giveaway, nothing but a box of Kleenex under my seat (I checked).  But quite honestly, to me it was special enough to be able share this with my friends.  After all is said and done I think I got just as much joy sharing the experience with them, as I did getting selected for tickets!   I'm so thankful to Theresa the audience coordinator that gave me the extra tickets for Beth and Melanie.  The whole thing seemed surreal.  When I finally entered