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Doctor, Doctor!

So I met with the new Endo, Dr. B. to talk about my lab results.  They tested absolutely everything they possibly could by bloodwork.  My organs are all working great and I'm STILL no longer Diabetic. Adrenals, liver, kidneys, cortisol levels, femme hormone levels. All good. So my three issues are still my only three issues:  Hypothyroid, Hyperprolactinemia and Anemia. I had the iron infusion about 3 weeks ago now.  It takes about 4-6 weeks for your liver and spleen to process it and for the bone marrow to start picking it up and transporting it.  There's some soreness associated with that bone marrow transport process, but that just means everything is working.  I think I experienced the soreness over the past weekend.  My hope is I will be feeling improved by the Texas 70.3, and I think I will.  Judging by my heartrate on last weekend's long ride (which was much lower than normal for the effort), the Iron infusion must be helping with the transport of oxygen through

NextGen -- Kiddo Triathletes!

That's my Cass!  Catchin' Air! Okay, so my club started this NextGen group.  It's formed of youth and junior aged triathletes... or those who, God help them, want to be triathletes like their Moms, Dads, or God help them, both parents. Cassie had been dying to do this when she first heard us talking about it.  She's just 6... but you triathletes know that means her race age is 7, so she qualifies.  I was going to make her wait one more year, because up until this training started, you couldn't even say, "Race you upstairs!" because she'd just freeze or get upset with the pressure.  Secretly kind of funny (take my Mom-card, but it was) LOL. In any case, her excitement was overwhelming and her desire prevailed.  I  gave in and let her do it.  I made sure she was clear that it would be "Racing" and that a few kids might be faster or slower, but that it was most important to try your best, keep a good attitude and have fun.  She said, &quo

Blink and a Month is Gone!

Time sure does fly... having fun or not. So there's a bunch of stuff going on.  Lots of training... Training for the whole family! On the family front we didn't do a whole lot on Spring Break because Mommy and Daddy AND Cassie were all training.  We did escape Houston on Friday and took a trip to Seaworld San Antonio to do something special.  We couldn't have Cass going back to school without something to write about when they do the obligatory "What I Did Over Spring Break" composition.  The trip was fast and furious, but we still had some special moments.  So now, in addition to wanting to be a swim coach, she now wants to work at Seaworld and swim with and train the dolphins and whales. Good dreams. So our tri club started a youth program and Cassie is participating!  She amazes me every practice.  I knew she was doing well with her swimming, but only to the extent that she could swim a 25 foot length unassisted.  She's now swimming 300-500 every tri

Complete Blogger-slacker

Yeah, I'm slackin' lately with the whole blogging thing. Sometimes entries seem repetitive. Here's what's going on lately.... Between Darren's schedule and my schedule, my training became a little erratic.  So I was rearranging my schedule and had lots of double-days... and even a couple triple days.  Add to that a 7 day stretch of inconsistent training and it gave everything on my body a chance to tighten up...  ...that was back on February 21st.  Now it's March 8th. See?  Complete slacker.  At least where blogging is conerned. So what's happened since then?  Well, there was no Mardi Gras Half Marathon for me.  I was somewhat bummed I had to bail on it AND waste a free entry. :(  My knee just wasn't recovering fast enough and it wasn't worth compromising the remainder of my 70.3 training, given that my race is early-April. So, really I've been busy with everything else... work, home, tri club, training... not necessarily in that orde