Complete Blogger-slacker

Yeah, I'm slackin' lately with the whole blogging thing. Sometimes entries seem repetitive.

Here's what's going on lately....

Between Darren's schedule and my schedule, my training became a little erratic.  So I was rearranging my schedule and had lots of double-days... and even a couple triple days.  Add to that a 7 day stretch of inconsistent training and it gave everything on my body a chance to tighten up... 

...that was back on February 21st. 

Now it's March 8th. See?  Complete slacker.  At least where blogging is conerned.

So what's happened since then?  Well, there was no Mardi Gras Half Marathon for me.  I was somewhat bummed I had to bail on it AND waste a free entry. :(  My knee just wasn't recovering fast enough and it wasn't worth compromising the remainder of my 70.3 training, given that my race is early-April.

So, really I've been busy with everything else... work, home, tri club, training... not necessarily in that order, but it's all getting done.

My knee is getting better now and seems the tendinitis is going away.  We also determined I may have pulled the long adductor muscle where it connects to the knee -- that took a while to get better, but Doc Thea has me fixed up.

I've been more careful and consistent with training and have quit rearranging my schedule so it doesn't snowball by the end of the week.  That was killing my body, leaving me open for just this kind of inury.

So, about my body...  Went back to my PCP.  He won't support NHT.  He wants me to get a second Endo's opinion about what's going on with my insides. My Iron is still dropping, so it is will require an Oncologist/Hemotologist consult and treatment.  I was going to try to double-up on vitatmins which I already take pretty religiously, but I need results faster and we're not even sure that doubling up will work.  We have some ideas as to how the Iron is leaving body, but that's TMI and a visit to the OB/Gyn to be certain. 

So now I'm starting round 2 of meeting and greeting new doctors.  I really, really hate this part!

My B-12 levels are a little low, in spite of taking a sublingual, but I was feeling better on the shots.  We're resuming them for the time being.  I'm glad. :)

It's just about a month away from Lonestar 70.3. I'm nervous about my running.  Nervous about my biking.  Not nervous about my swimming.  LOL 

Headed out the Galveston last weekend and it was both awesome and horrible.  I felt like a super-star on the way out. 28 miles at 10+ mph.  I knew coming back would be bad when my average speed for the 28 miles was over 20mph.   What I didn't expect was it felt like somebody flipped a switch!  My goodness the winds were terrible, and coming from the complete wrong direction.

I had a two "moments" on the way back but I worked through them.  Seems I always have a horrible workout a month or so out from my race.  The last one, training for Redman, me and my training buddy affectionately call "The Nursing Home" ride.   This is the one where I quit, sat on the sidewalk and cried.  Asked myself why I thought I had any right doing a 70.3 when I'm not really as accomplished as I'd like to be?  "Stupid Triathlon. I hate it."

Yeah, right... heard that before.

It's all part of the training and I know that.  Days like Sunday are not only necessary, but if you don't get to experience that kind of pain at some level I think you're getting cheated.  It's mental... so much of it is mental.  Toughing out in the worst of conditions could be the best thing on a training day.

At one point I stopped for some nutrition.   Had to get my a$$ off the bike.  Everything bothered me.  I was so annoyed.  Two riders I had seen outbound, after my turnaround, had caught up to me.  The guy passed me and asked if I was okay.  I said "yeah."  The girl stopped.  She was your typical age-grouping Ironman athlete. You could just tell... all m-dot race apparel, hot bike, you know...

She said, "Do you live around here?"  I told her, "Yeah, not far." 

She said, "Can I ask you something?"  "What's up with this F###ing wind?!?"

She was having a hard time too.  For some reason it made me feel so much better to know everyone was struggling.  After my two buddies took off riding away from me I felt extra slow. 

She said, "My coach tells me just one thing on days like this and it will either make you giggle or make you mad, but you'll get back on the bike and finish to prove a point to yourself." 


Now I knew I heard it before, but didn't know what it meant. 

"Harden the F##k up."

Kind of like "Suck it up, Cupcake."  Which I prefer.

I know I'm tough.  I know I'm stubborn.  I'm not a quitter. 

She went on to tell me she was from out of town, and that she and her partner came in for a training ride.  They had tried riding the day before and it was even worse.

After our chit-chat she and her partner rode off into the distance.  I stopped to potty and was 12 miles from the finish.  Once I hit Jamaica Beach, there was some structure to block wind, so that was slightly better, but still tough.

When I headed down 81st street I saw the two triathletes again.  The woman was cheering me on... it was sweet.

The ups and downs of training... can't have one without the other.

In other news I'm getting my bike "pinked" out.  Everywhere there's blue, will now be magenta.  I'm excited!  Plus, I finally got my Ironman Racer wetsuit that I won for completing a challenge on Daily Mile!  Unfortunately the wetsuit doesn't fit, but hopefully I'll be able to get at least a few bucks for it.  Maybe put it towards a fund for race wheels. :)


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