Doctor, Doctor!

So I met with the new Endo, Dr. B. to talk about my lab results.  They tested absolutely everything they possibly could by bloodwork.  My organs are all working great and I'm STILL no longer Diabetic.
Adrenals, liver, kidneys, cortisol levels, femme hormone levels. All good.

So my three issues are still my only three issues:  Hypothyroid, Hyperprolactinemia and Anemia.

I had the iron infusion about 3 weeks ago now.  It takes about 4-6 weeks for your liver and spleen to process it and for the bone marrow to start picking it up and transporting it.  There's some soreness associated with that bone marrow transport process, but that just means everything is working.  I think I experienced the soreness over the past weekend.  My hope is I will be feeling improved by the Texas 70.3, and I think I will.  Judging by my heartrate on last weekend's long ride (which was much lower than normal for the effort), the Iron infusion must be helping with the transport of oxygen through my body.  That's a good thing.

As for my thyroid, even on my Levoxyl, Dr. B. said I was in the low-end of normal for my Thyroid function. So I'm off both Levoxyl and Cytomel and she put me on Armour Thyroid. I has natural hormone in it, both T3 andT4 so I don't have to take 2 pills.  It's derived from Dessicated pig hormone, so I keep telling everyone to let me know if I start unknowingly and uncontrollably oinking like a Pig.  :)  Gotta laugh at it, you know?  I'm just on Day 3, so it's too soon to tell anything different, but I can say that my palpatations have completely subsided.  There was no middleground on the Levoxyl for me.  .88 is too little and .100 was too much -- as soon as I'd do .100 7 days a week the palpatations would return.  Again this will be a process, but I'm so glad to be trying something new and not the same thing every 6 weeks!

I continue on the Dostinex because it's doing the job of suppressing Prolactin production.  No more feeling like I'm about to let-down! 

My B-12 is back up, so the shots worked well... so well I need to stop taking them! 

I feel good about this doctor, but time will tell.  


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