NextGen -- Kiddo Triathletes!

That's my Cass!  Catchin' Air!
Okay, so my club started this NextGen group.  It's formed of youth and junior aged triathletes... or those who, God help them, want to be triathletes like their Moms, Dads, or God help them, both parents.

Cassie had been dying to do this when she first heard us talking about it.  She's just 6... but you triathletes know that means her race age is 7, so she qualifies.  I was going to make her wait one more year, because up until this training started, you couldn't even say, "Race you upstairs!" because she'd just freeze or get upset with the pressure.  Secretly kind of funny (take my Mom-card, but it was) LOL.

In any case, her excitement was overwhelming and her desire prevailed.  I  gave in and let her do it.  I made sure she was clear that it would be "Racing" and that a few kids might be faster or slower, but that it was most important to try your best, keep a good attitude and have fun.  She said, "Mommy, you never win or finish first... you always have fun."  True.

Except at Redman where I was the only Masters Athena entry  :) 

Anyway, Cass just started stroke swimming, seriously,  about 3 months ago.  Before that, last Summer, she spent as a Tadpole, Polly-wog, or something similar at the YMCA through last Summer, which basically just teaches them to be comfortable in the water and how to float.  She was taking some lessons from a friend of mine for about 8 weeks, and did a little stroke work, but I never expected she'd be able to do what she is doing! 

I'll just preface the following with Kids amaze me.  At the same time, my Daughter scares me so much because she's so determined.  Cassie just started to be able to swim 25 FEET, not yards or meters... 25 FEET without assistance.  While I watching her trying to go 25 meters, I was trying very hard not to be a "Deck Mom" at the first session.  I so was worried about her safely making it 25 meters, just one length of the pool.  I was cringing, biting my nails, trying to calculate in my head how long it would take me to grab and noodle and dive in to save her if she started struggling too much.  Ugh... it killed me... but the best part... the best part was seeing her succeed.  That first day she actually swim 6 lengths, 150m!

The biking part of the training is done on Spin Bikes.  For the few who are too small, my Daughter and a few others included, we found adapters for a particular trainer that lets them use their 20" bikes. So.  Stinkin'. Cute!  They Spin in the same room we Mad Spin in over the winter.  The facility also has a great little track out back so they can practice all disciplines in one spot.

All the kiddos get "homework."  Each week they need to do 30 minutes of something 3 times a week.  This easily lets them continue other sports activities they might be involved in. A local chiro came in last week and gave them a few things to help with strength, like squats, pull-ups and push-ups.  Heck!  The kids even enjoy doing that!!

She is just loving it and each week can't wait for the next session.  Last week I watched her Swim/Run/Swim/Run and then Swim and Run again.  It was the same workout (shorter distance) that I had to do in TriSwim class that week.  She thought it was so cool that she got to do the same thing I did.  I think all the kids get a charge out of being able to do what they see their parents doing.

Here's a few pictures...

Coaches talking to the kiddos

The lil' triathlete in the lead is my killer, kicking, kiddo!

That's Cass on the trainer with the blue shirt on!


  1. how absolutely amazing!! (and how cute!) what a thrill, what fun!! and I think that is the teacher of a spin class at the Y in the last photo?

    hm, I may just have to mention this to my nephew....can't swim much, but as you said, your daughter started small and has already progressed!

  2. Yes! That is Kathryn. She teaches spin at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday. She's the kids program advisor for the club.


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