4 Days to 70.3!

It probably goes without saying that this week is just a complete roller-coaster ride.  Being my second half ironman, I still get my pre-race lows, but I don't think they're quite as low as they were with the first one, which is good for me... and good for everyone involved. LOL

This is the week where everything on my body starts tweaking.  I feel little aches and pains where I haven't before, and they make me momentarily worry.

Yesterday was a short bike and negative split run.  I rode without any devices through the twisty-turns of my neighborhood.  I think I rode down every single street in my subdivision.  It was kind of fun, with the wind constantly changing direction.  Probably much like I'll experience race day, except it will be for longer stretches.  My run was alright, but then again, that's how my run is all the time; alright and slow.  LOL

My bike is running nice and smooth, especially with my Husband's handy-work at installing my new hubs and crank.  Wish I had a little more time to ride them before the race, but they are sooooo much better and smooth than my old ones.  My new wheels are rockin' too!  I'll have to post a final picture of my bike.  She looks completely different!

I'm really enjoying my TriSwim Class.  I've been going twice a week.  We do some pretty fun stuff and some workouts that aren't so Masters-ish.  We relay, make wave pools, do time trials.  We event do brick repeats... swim 300-400 and get out and run 3 laps on the small track!  I've been taking a stab at learning butterfly.  I've been doing 50m before I leave each class.  Last night I did it for my relay team.  Coach says I've got the rhythm down, I just need to work on the arms.  It's kind of fun learning the stroke that everyone is always afraid of.  (Shhhh, secret is backstroke is the one I really hate!).  TriSwim is always a challenge of some sort each week, and I can tell it's making me a better swimmer.

Tonight I go for a flush massage and then to my Chiro for an adjustment to get both my legs the same length again!  LOL  I need to pull out my checklist and set aside some time to gather all my gear together on Saturday, after my Husband's first tri.

I'm really proud of him.  Triathlon training, no matter the distance, is so mental.  For someone who never did anything athletic as a kid, to jump into triathlon is a pretty big deal, I think.  He was always a good cyclist, but to have to learn to swim from scratch and start running with some physical challenges, is pretty darned good.  He's not even done with Lonestar, yet he is thinking about an Olympic!  I'm excited to be able to sit-back and watch his success this weekend!!! 

Like the Silverlake swim did for me last year, the Kemah relay swim did for me this year.  I feel really great about my swim, good about my bike and I'm okay with my run.  Instead of focusing on chasing the cut-off all day long, which I'll be doing because I'm not fast and I'm in the last wave.  I'm choosing to focus on the best scenario, which is completely reasonable even if the conditions are a little challenging.  We're talking mostly about the wind.  This week has been a weird week weather-wise with a recent cold snap (51 degrees when I left for work this morning!), so it remains to be seen how race day will be.  Makes no matter, really.  I've been riding in Galveston every weekend, since the weather warmed-up enough for riding, with the exception of one. I've had great rides and I had one weekend that just challenged me relentlessly.  Good thing I've had more good than bad.  I will just have faith and pray for strength, staunch determination and persistence.

 Oh, and added a race to my schedule... Kona Eastside.  I'll probably do the Swim for Sophia in June as well.  :)


  1. I hate those pains/aches that come up right before a race. Then your mind starts worrying! Good luck with your race! I'm sure you will do fantastic!!!

  2. I'm sure I'll see you at some point on Sunday, but just in case -- good luck this weekend!! :)

  3. good luck on your half im!! we are volunteering at the sprint on saturday so will probably see your husband (even if I don't know who he is!) :)

    swim class sounds fun!

    I am doing Kona Eastside too, so I'll prob see ya there....maybe our bikes will be racked near each other again!

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