Food Journal 4/19

Keep in mind I am in a lighter training mode, so I don't require as much "fuel" as I do when regularly training.  Also, with my slower thyroid, in order to have weightloss I have to be eating substantially less.  After having my RMR tested that number should be somewhere around 1400 calories per day, but with capacity limitations, it's sometimes less.  What's here is what's planned for the day, but sometimes it changes. 

Yesterday I added an apple and 3/4 C (instead of 1/2 C. Cottage Cheese).  I also added a 1/2 T. of Dark Chocolate Almond butter and few dried cranberries, bringing my calories for yesterday up to about 1280.  Kind of blew my salt intake out of the water for the day.  Ugh.  Working on that.  My target is no more than 1600 and I finished the day at just over 2k. 

Here's today!


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