Food Journal 4/20

Yesterday's plan changed, since I wound up going to TriSwim.  I did grab a small slice of meatloaf before I left to tide me over and after swim some of us headed to Chick-Fil-A and I grabbed their chargrilled chicken and fruit salad.  Not bad for 22 g of Protein and 210 Calories.  As usual though, the "light" berry balsamic dressing was 130 Cals for the packet.  It's a good sized salad... I used the whole darned thing and it wasn't very good.  Super-duper sweet!!!  Would do the salad again, but not the dressing. 

Still ended yesterday with 1,310 Calories, 131 g. Carbs, 37 g Fat and 122 g of protein.

I was a super-duper good protein girl!

Here's the plan for today... boss brought me some leftover stuffed cabbage from their Passover Seder.  I haven't had good stuffed cabbage like that since my Gram was alive!  Yum!

I may or may not take a 1 hour run tonight.  Feeling like I should with a 160+g of carbs for the day.   


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