Food Journal

For the next 6-8 weeks my blog is going to have a lot of boring nutrition focus.  I'll still be training for tri, but I'm going to be changing up my training schedule a bit with a little more swimming, in the way of Masters and the addition of weight training. It seems the new thyroid meds might be working... though I hate to be hopeful so quickly.  I'm down 10 lbs. since starting them, and no mystery weight gain after the 70.3 like what happened with Redman. 

Today I have a 3,000 yd swim for my exercise.


  1. What food log are you using? I so don't know how many calories to follow. I mean I do but I want to find that magic number you know. And I know it is going to take tweaking to find it. I do know I need fuel to do the workouts I have. It just seems so overwhelming sometimes. I would love to continue to drop some weight as I go through this season. So far so good. Slow but hey any weight loss is great right?


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