Kona Eastside Tri - Race Report

Race breakfast wouldn't quite go down. Had my 16 oz. G'ade, power bar, Ezekiel english muffin/almond butter 2 hours before race start, but had to pass on the banana.

No Heart Rate or Garmin data today. Accidentally left it at home (Boo!) when I was diligently double-checking it to make sure everything worked. Ugh!  Hate when good intentions go bad!  Today I raced completely blind.  No Heart Rate.  No cadence.  No speed.  No pace. 

On the way to the race site it was misting rain -- was kind of worried about the streets, but they were dry by the time we rolled. 

The Swim was okay.  My arms and shoulders grew tired fairly quickly today, which is not the norm. Seemed like I was better the first 400 and got noticeably tired on that last stretch. The last leg of the swim, I really had to think about kicking... my legs were sinking if I didn't -- they were just tired.  I know I swim better than this, so I'm trying not to be bummed.  I did a lot this week (including adding strength training to my schedule) and this was just was supposed to be just for fun.  Right?  Right. 

The bike was tough going out; horrible headwind (I think worse than G'ston). To top it off, I must have knocked something out of whack with the derailleur on my bike.  I couldn't  get into the big ring for quite a while; had to keep futzing with it and trying over and over.  finally after about 15 minutes I got it to switch and I just stayed there.  Coming back was a lot more fun;  nice tailwind and a top speed of 29 mph (going by the girl I was leap frogging and met post race).  I drank 20 oz of EFS on the ride. 

As per my usual after a bike, the first 1.5 miles of the run pretty well sucked.  My calves just would not loosen up, so that was pretty annoying. I was a not-so-happy-cramper.  I decided, reluctantly, to run 4:1 intervals so my calves could relax a little. The first 3 miles were on the pavement, the last mile was in the grass around the lake. I could tell I slowed even more here. The ground was cracked and dry and I almost "ate it" twice tripping in the holes in the ground. Grrrrr!

Here's how it washed out:

Swim 600m
14:47 (2:27/100m) <--- suckage -- should be 2:05

T1: 1:06
Bike 16 miles
56:03 (17.1 mph) <---- happy because this was tough.

T2: 1:26
Run 4 miles:
54:13 (13:33 pace) <---- Not a "race day pace" but surprised it wasn't worse, because it felt worse.

Total 2:07

Good enough for 2nd Place, Athena!  I actually had to beat someone in 3rd place to earn it!

FYI:  Took 1st place after the bike, then dropped to 2nd after the run! One day my run will improve!


  1. way to go! I did Kona Eastside, but had to drop to the super sprint since I sprained my ankle ten days before! the wind was tough and I was worried about that run around the lake. just went slow to take care of my ankle. I had a bad swim, but did better on the bike (even with that wind!) than I had been doing. it was a fun tri and I am happy to be back doing them!

  2. Whoohoo! I think you were awesome!


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