Progress and Plans

Yesterday was my second swim since my 70.3 race.  The first was a group swim -- not that it doesn't count, but it's a different mentality going in.

I was not feeling the swim session at first.  Just felt like I slogging through the water.  After my warm-up I started feeling better -- thank goodness, because I had 5 sets of descending intervals for my main set.

In the end I did awesome -- and was happy.  It's been a while since I've swam in the 25 yard pool, so I knew times would be faster, but I did PR at 1:45/100 yd. and that was my last interval of the night after swimming 2800 yds.  I could barely break 2 minutes last year, so I'm making progress.  I love when something happens so I can actually see it.

Some of my race plans have changed. I added a 2 mile swim race to my schedule and changed my race at Redman to the 70.3 distance again.  I know I can do better than I did last year.  Not 24 hours after my race, coach told me my time-to-beat for Redman... I'll take that as a hint I should be dropping the full aquabike and take on the 70.3 again.  I know he's right.  He generally is.  LOL  I just wanted a Summer of light running.  Yeah, it was laziness making the choice.  It gets hot here, dangit!

Frankly, training for the 70.3 is easier on my home-work-family balance.  I'm going to be making some changes to my schedule as soon as my Daughter's schedule permits.  I think it will go something like this:

Monday (AM) Masters Swim

Tuesday (AM) Spin & Weights

Wednesday (AM) Weights
Wednesday (PM) Bike/Brick?  (Unless Hubs wants to Brick)

Thursday (AM)Spin & Weight

Friday (AM) Masters Swim

Saturday (AM) Long Run

Sunday (AM) Long Bike

I really need another day of Weights.  Not sure where to fit it in.

Friday is my "Off" day with having just a swim.  Works on paper.  Just have to see how it works in real life!  Now with 2 triathletes in the family, we have to figure out how everyone gets their time!


  1. I just posted a blog about rest days. So I guess I'm not the only crazy one that makes a rest day an "active rest day".

    Awesome to hear about the Redman! We can be there to chear each other on!!!!


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