Surprisingly Well!

I have to do a little celebrating!  I made it out to run last night (I was determined... no matter what!).   I was kind of dreading it, since I haven't run since Lonestar back 17 days before.  That's a while to go without running.

I hit the road last night and the biggest difference with my heart rate was even though I was pushing at 155-160, I didn't physically feel like I was.  In the past 160 would quickly get out of control and jump to 170-something and I'd hit my max and have to start walking.  Last night was a very controlled run.  Nothing got away from me. That was awesome.

This morning I had spin, which was normal spin. I think this instructor's favorite phrase was "pick up the pace!"  That's all he kept saying.. over, and over, and over again!

I did a 30 minute run after and once again felt really good!

This morning, Coach texted me to find out what my 5k PR was, because he thought I might have beat it on my "easy" run last night.  That PR was was back in January at the El Paso 5K.  I came sooooo close and probably would have with my regular :30 walk breaks (he had me doing 1 minute walk breaks for my first run back).  He said that PRing back in January and doing what I did last night was progress.  That makes me hopeful.  We're also thinking perhaps I need more of a taper from running before my races.  I think so... in fact, I've thought that for a while in my gut, but really had no basis to justify it.  

Later today I'm strength training then wrapping up with TriSwim.  :)

An all-around "Yay" for happy training days.  Gotta celebrate them and remember them when you have the sh*tty ones!


  1. Great job getting back on the run. You are so right about appreciating the good workout weeks. Unfortunately, you gotta have the shitty ones to realized how great the good ones were. My week is full of shitty workouts. So I'm hoping next week things turn aroung :)


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