Weekend Racing Recap

This weekend was the Kemah Triathlon Festival.  I pretty much spent the weekend volunteering or racing -- as did the rest of my family!  Cassie did the Kids K, while I swam for a relay team on Sunday.  Hubs and Cass volunteered at one of the aid stations on the run course.  The swim was 1500 meters just 300 m shy of what I'll have to swim next Sunday in the 70.3.  I was pretty happy with my swim in that I was able to swim pretty straight.  Lots of big buoys this year that were extremely visible.  I even noticed distance marking on some of them.  The water was calmer than last year, but with a push to the right from the current -- which made it a little challenging to keep a straight line.

I wanted to finish my swim with a 2:00 pace, but finished in 35 minutes with a 2:08.  I really can't complain because it far exceeds my 2:31 pace at Redman last year, and that was a completely still lake!  I'm pretty happy with picking up 20 seconds per hundred for this distance. :)  It gave me a good idea of what's possible next weekend.

If I had to improve anything, it would be my kicking.  I have the hardest time remembering my kicking in the wetsuit.  Everything just floats!  I concentrated on it during my swim, but I would forget when I'd really start focusing on my pull and keeping my elbows up.

This wasn't really a "race" for any of my team... just a warm-up.  Our Biker injured his hamstring a few weeks ago and really didn't know how he was going to far, so played it safe to stave off further injury.  If he had been on (or I had done better!) we would have taken 3rd in the mixed relay.  Our runner pulled off a :57 10k... NICE!

It was pretty awesome to see the pros and elite athletes move so swiftly through transition.  It just amazes me.  Yoder and Naeth took first place for the Pros, but frankly, their all amazing to watch!


  1. You kick with your wetsuit on?
    You are the second person to say this in the past couple of days.
    I think I'll give it a try.

    I was a catcher at the finish line this weekend- Pro men (gals too) have no body fat, those guys are stick thin- except Andy Potts who looked more muscular


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