Where's my Game?

After 2 very light weeks of training, it's supposed to be "game on" this week.  I admit I needed a slight break from training, as much as my family needed to have me take a break!  For the next 6 weeks I have different goals outside of racing, focusing on nutrition and strength training. Try to get leaner and stronger before I start training for Redman.  It's really a challenge to do both, and train hard for an event. I always struggle with this dilemma because I must have a tri in the future to focus on in order to keep some consistency. 

I started Masters Swimming today  Me + Masters Swimming =  very entertaining.  :)

Funny story... or maybe not so funny.  Your call.  We have more than a couple people in every lane.  We "circle" swim most of the time... like 99% of the time.  So this morning it was just me and Ben in our lane and we were doing 100's on our intervals.  I swim a bit faster than Ben (except when he's sneaky and has his fins on).  I came back to the wall to start my Intervals and coach says, "you're splitting the lane now."  Meaning I'm staying on my side and he's on his side.  I get to the second 100 and I've already forgotten I'm NOT circle swimming.  I come back, in Ben's lane, and completely collide with him.  Poor Ben!  He's so nice... he even apologized for my mistake!!!  Something just goes automatic when I swim intervals. Haha... wish everything was so "automatic."

Nutrition has been pretty good.  I find it helpful to journal for periods of time to make sure I'm in the vicinity of my goals.  I've been a little short on calories and off by a few grams of fat and carbs here and there, but the  fat sources are "healthy" so I'm not sweating a few grams.

The real problem is getting the darned weight training in.  I know how freakin' important it is, and I only have until June to get moving with it.  I'm trying to work it so my weight training days fall on the days before I swim or bike (so I have recovery days). 

Must. Lift Tomrrow. 

I think I will try to do something at Lunch time.  Might even be able to do it after I spin/run in the morning.  Fitting it in will be much easier once Cassie's after-school stuff is over... but then that's a little late.  Have to get on it.

I'm actually racing this weekend, just for fun, doing Kona Eastside. :)

Sunday is a 130 mile ride for a bunch of our tri family who are doing IMTX.  I'll ride a portion of the course and provide some support along the way.  


  1. I know what you mean about trying to fit it all in. I have to do my ST at lunch two days a week or it won't get done. But I could get up in the morning and do it but I love my sleep!! Ah, excuses huh?

    Have fun on your ride Sunday!!!

  2. Told you I would be having a quick look to see what you have been up to. Hmmm crashing into people in the pool.....lol....must be embarassing, I can't swim 20 metres to save myself....might learn one day, but not too fussed.........I need to get a better routine going on to fit it all in, I have a diary now and so am writing it all down......


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