Because YOU Can

One of my weight loss surgery community friends is taking on a challenge.  Rob, of Former Fat Dudes, is going to be doing what he calls, "The Dash from Obesity", via the Warrior Challenge.  This is no small feat.  It will take not only physical agility, but mental strength.  The same mental strength it takes to stay the course and consistently make the right choices to live in a healthy way every day.

I'm always happy to support my WLS friends who are leading by example making routine exercise as part of their new lifestyle.  All too often I see post-ops who treat the surgical procedure as the total solution, and it's not.  Post-op life requires exercise to be healthy and fit.  Not just skinny. And it doesn't have to be grand-scale triathlons either -- just walking... anything that makes you move and challenges you is great!

Rob is on a fundraising drive for 3 very worthy organizations who's only focus is eradicate obesity: The Obesity Action Coalition, The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America and the Turn The Tide Foundation.  Turn the Tide resonated with me most, as I firmly believe in teaching our children good lifestyle habits from the get-go is important to their fundamental understanding of how to live and eat healthy.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell:  You make a donation to one of these organizations and forward the confirmation to Rob.  See his website for complete details on how to help.  For every $10 dollars you donate, you win an entry into a prize drawing.  Rob's got quite an offering of prizes too -- his sponsors have really come through for him! So he wins, the organizations win and you (might) win -- so it's a win-win-chance-to-win for everyone involved!

I say, if this guy can push himself to the edge of his physical capabilities, the least we can do is spare a few bucks and make a donation to one these organizations he supports.

So quick, before you run out of time, visit Rob's blog, read up on the details, and make your donation today!

He's doing it because HE can.You can do this because YOU can. (and because I super-nicely asked)

:)  Thanks!


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