Fab Food Find: Athletes Honey Milk

I'll preface this review by first sharing that I did not receive any free product in exchange for a favorable review.  I really just like this product.  Basically when I review something, if I don't like it, I just don't write about it.  Keeps everything nice and friendly :)

The last several races I've been to have had Athletes Honey Milk available at the finish.  What I like best about AHM is that it's lactose-free.  Ever since my surgery some (only some) Dairy products, especially whey protein just kill my stomach and really cause, ummm, flatulence.  *blush*

Embarrassing?  Yes.  But as we say in our house, "Everybody "toots".  However, on whey protein, I couldn't stand myself!

I've had to be creative with meeting my protein guidelines being a post-op of gastric bypass.  A high protein diet is critical to maintain muscle because of the mal-absorption properties the surgical procedure creates.  I've been doing well finding foods high in protein and don't take up too much of my valuable pouch space. However I really need some improvement in post workout and post race recovery, especially if I'm going to keep doing 70.3 distance events, and ultimately the full 140.6.

I slack in this area mainly because of convenience.  Classic chocolate milk is too sugary and the lactose makes me  head "swooshy" -- some post-ops call it "dumping."  So that leaves me with protein drinks that in general reek havoc on my stomach, and therefore my friends!  I could "eat" protein, but it's not always convenient and requires planning, cooler, ice, utensils.  When I'm getting up extra early for an  early morning workout, gathering a cooler full of stuff to eat 6 hours later, is not going to happen.  Plus, no matter what, it's not as easily absorbed as liquid is.  Period.

I've been drinking the "light" flavors as a mid-morning snack. Just 150 calories and 60% of my daily calcium requirement.  In the afternoon, if I have a workout, I've been drinking the fully leaded version with 240 calories and 80% of my calcium requirements.  I still take my Calcium with Vitamin D Supplements (another important vitamin to post-op life), but it's nice to know I'm getting enough with my food.

Of the "Light" flavors, the Strawberry Banana and Coffee are my favorites.  Of the fully leaded flavors, I like the Vanilla and Honey flavors.  To me, the chocolate is good -- just not one of my faves.  I need to have Hubs, our resident choc-o-holic, taste it and give me his expert opinion.

The Honey Milk works for me.  For someone who might be extremely sensitive to sugar in the form of honey, their experience might be different.  So be careful.  The product does contain honey, but also uses sucralose for sweetening. 

Try to snag a free sample bottle if you see them at a race! I've found the product at local HEB stores and Honey Milk's Facebook page is offering a 15% off coupon when you "Like" them.


  1. I'm always looking for good food to try! I'll have to try and snag me one!


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