Last week was a decent week of training.  I'm growing more accustomed to the early-morning weekday workouts.  Not sure my GI system is yet, but I'm working around that.  :)  It's also helping to balance things better with my family.  With Hubs starting to train for triathlon as well, balance is important.

Just 2 more days of Kindergarten and day camp starts for Cass-a-frass.  She's excited to start camp, if only for the chance to swim everyday.  She still wants to be a swim coach when she grows up, but apparently now wants to also paint nails.  LOL

My best friend came to visit this past holiday weekend and it was great!  She's so stinkin' awesome and every time she leaves I just wish I could either convince her to leave her family behind and move here or talk my Husband into leaving his job and relocating.  Cassie just adores her "Aunt Beth" and misses her just as much as Mommy does. *sniff*

My head still isn't quite in the Redman game yet.  I go back to the doctor next week to get answers as to what procedure I'll need to have done.  I'm training, but I feel like I'm in limbo and therefore lack some focus.  I didn't do my long run or long bike on Saturday or Sunday. I know... shame on me.  I did show signs of life on Monday morning and did my long run and swim.  So I'm only down a 2 hour bike; that's okay with me.  I can trade off 2 hours of biking for some desperately needed quality time with the BFF. :)

This morning I had a pretty good run/bike/run.  Running with no walk breaks and a tough spin class sandwiched in the middle.  My only goal is to stay as focused as possible between now and my next appointment. 

/end redman_week1



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