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I've been MIA from the blog for a couple weeks.  I've been enjoying my "lighter" training load, although it's still been around 12 hours a week.  Hmmm.

In any case, I'm trying to work it all so that I get the majority of my training in the early morning.  It's been working for the most part and I'm kind of liking being home after work.  The change came when on Mother's Day Cassie left me a note telling me how great a Mom I am, but that she misses me (when I'm training).  I miss Cassie and Darren too when things get crazy, so my schedule needed some balancing. 

So I went back to my Endo and the Armour is doing well for me.  I'm down a few pounds, but still at the low-end of the TSH range.  We're upping my dosage by about 30% and hopefully that will help alleviate some of the classic symptoms I started to experience again going from Levoxyl to Armour.  The Armour just makes me NOT feel like I'm taking meds. It's wonderful!

At the Hematologist's office, the news wasn't as good.  My iron, in spite of the infusion, is not where he expected it would be for the dose I was given.  He said he couldn't cut me loose yet; I need to go back in 3 months and be rechecked.  It's quite possible I'll need another infusion.  Ugh!  I also have to deal with the possible Fibroid issue.

Hopefully the cause for the ongoing Anemia is the Fibroids.  Last week I saw my OBGYN and discussed the problem.  I have to have a biopsy (to rule out Uterine Cancer) and then either an Ablation or Hysterectomy, depending on what they find in the ultrasound. Either way, having another child isn't an option.  That was kind of a tough pill to swallow.

In category of good news though, Ironman Texas and my Daughter's recital were this weekend.  Each of them equally fun :)  It was a crazy weekend of back and forth but it was so worth it to see my little girl in Peter Pan and my friends race Ironman Texas.  Courtney, one of the original "Tri Divas" who I blame credit for getting me into this "thing" with organized sporting events and ultimately triathlon, came to Houston and volunteered with me.  She got a dose of my Tri Club peeps and one of my coaches, who was riding her a$$ about swimming and why it was such a challenge for her.  True to his form, he was relentless and left her thinking.  Thinking what, I'm not sure.  LOL  Anyway, it was great to spend time with Coco... almost 6 years is far too long!

As for training, last week was a little sketchy.  This week begins Day 1/Week 1 of Redman 703. training, so I have to start taking things a little more serious and not shifting and snowballing workouts.  My training buddy is doing awesome and is a very good state of fitness right now.  I'm so glad he decided to go for the 140.6.  I know he's going to be awesome and just kill it!


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hey Donna,
    I'm sorry you are having such a problem, don't know if you knew- back in 2005 I had to have a hysterectomy after iron infusions, a couple blood transfusions and a D&C- I had one fibroid that caused the whole problem- they were going to do an ablation at the time of the emergency D&C, but were not succesfull- I have had several friends who have had one and it has solved their bleeding issues and none of them have had to have a hysterectomy

    I put it off and went for months taking crazy amounts of iron and craving ice with no movement in my blood work and the constant hemorraging (sp). It did take almost 8 months for my Ferritin to get back to normal, after the hysterectomy.

    I speak up as i don't want anyone to sufer!
    I may be wrong, but I thought they told me pregnancy may be possible with the hot water baloon ablationvs the other type. might be something to ask about

    Looking Forward to reading your Redman training adventures

    Sharla- blooger still wont load

  2. Glad to see you back and blogging. I was wondering if everything was okay with you! Sorry you are having difficulties still.

    I'm struggling to maintain a healthy balance myself. I guess we all go through it.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in a few short months!!


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