The Body Marking Debate

So if you read my mini rant yesterday about body marking, then you know how I feel about it.  However,  I thought it was important to learn exactly what the rules were before I start preaching the rules.  I checked out the regulations on USAT's website, and I couldn't find any clarification.  Instead, I emailed my question and the Officials Commissioner wrote me back:

"Body marking of category, age, or division, is not required by the Competitive Rules.  Only race number body marking is required.  Identifying each athlete by division or category is optional for race directors.  Accordingly, your should address your concerns to the individual event organizer where you compete.  The race director may very well be able to accommodate your request and be happy to do so."

So there you have it!  You really don't even have to have your age, just your race number!  My apologies to Sarah for being thoughtless and embarrassing her, prompting the discussion at the race!


  1. Interesting. I had no idea what the actual rule was.

  2. That is interesting.......keeps everyone guessing huh?


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