Let's Try This Again for 2012

So maybe 2012 will be a lucky year for me and I'll get selected? I really abhor this lottery system, but I know if I'm on the sidelines just cheering, I'll be even more bummed (like in 2011!).  So I'm in.  I registered this morning.

I've already registered for the Texas Marathon which is on New Year's Day.  I actually signed up for the full, but with the intention of switching to the half if I got in to Houston.  The thought of doing a full crosses my mind... but then I think, why?  I just need to stay focused and work on my running.  I don't want my first full to be a more miserable experience than it needs to be.

Anyway, if I get selected I'll be doing the Texas Half Marathon on New Year's day and then the Aramco Half on January 15th.

If I don't get selected for 2012, there is a rule in place that ensures I will get to participate the 3rd time I enter the lottery.  So I will definitely have an entry for 2013, if I don't make 2012.

Maybe that's when I should go for my full?  Hmmmm. :)


  1. I've been trying to comment on all your post and haven't been until this one! Sorry!!

    I totally hope you get in but that is cool that you will definitely get in 2013.

    Keep your chin up with your training! Redman is going to be totally awesome!!

    Thanks for posting on my blog!

  2. Christy, how strange. Were you getting a blogger error?


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