Mind Matters & Weekend Training

It goes without saying last week was a pretty emotional week and yeah, it impacted my training a little bit; short about 45 minutes total, so really not that bad. I got my surgery date for the end of July and I just can't believe the ups and downs I'm experiencing, grieving for something I don't even have; grieving for having my option taken away from me.  :(

My life is full though, and I'm completely blessed with my Daughter and Husband.  While having another child would be nice, it's not a necessity for our happiness.  Disappointing?  Sure, but we are still happy without another kiddo.  Cassie will be fine and will still thrive without a brother or sister.  She has cousins who adore her as if they were her siblings... heck, probably even better!  Knowing what we know now, we just have to make more of a concerted effort to foster those long distance relationships.  I think as they get older, that will happen a little easier.

So training.  I was registered to do the Swim for Sophia, but after my Friday breakdown, the last thing I wanted to do was a swim race with 200 other people.  My mind just wasn't there.  Frankly, my swim is coming along fine, so it's not like I had to do it. I've already swam the 70.3 distance and know I can do it.  I'm just trying to improve right now. Instead I went out for a run.  It was hot and humid, but I got it done.  Pace was about a minute off and in spite of drinking 30 oz. of water in the 90 minutes, I was still down 3 lbs. after the run.

On Sunday I had a 2:30 ride and again, I just rode alone.  Hubs and I wanted to try to ride together, so we actually tried to get a babysitter for Sunday morning, but no luck. Babysitters have too much fun on Saturday night. :)  Maybe another week we'll get lucky.

For my long ride I tried Hammer Nutrition Perpeteum for my nutrition on the bike.  I still have to do a longish brick with it, but I think I like it.  It has a really light flavor (I tried the Orange-Vanilla... it just has a faint "dreamsicle" taste that isn't overpowering.  I made a multi-hour bottle and used that and water for my ride.

My ride was good.  I pushed the pace in the crosswinds and horrible headwind I had on part of the way home.  I did have a nice tailwind for about 12 miles on the way home (where I was able to make up my time from my gas station stop).  I only rode by heart rate, I didn't even look at speed. I had left my Garmin running at my stop at the gas station, so my average would have been even better than the 16.7 mph I wound up with for my 41 mile ride.

Masters was fine this morning.  No drama and a good workout :)  Had some really great 50m sprints!


  1. It is okay to be emotional! So let yourself go through the process.

    I tried Perpeteum this weekend too. But I tried the Strawberry-Banana. I think I will get some Orange-Vanilla for this weekend and try!

    Great job on your run and bike! We are dealing with some major winds and heat too!!! Got to get our sweat on!


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