More Small Victories!

Wow!  This morning was great for me, if I do say so myself.  I'm sort of waiting for the bottom to fall out of my "speed" bucket, because I had two more great runs this morning!

Run 1 was :40 fartlek run to the Y for spin class.  It was 5 minutes easy, 8x1 at 5K pace with 1 minute jogging between each minute, 5 minutes easy and then a mile straight out and easy the rest of the time.  My 5K pace was more like a sprint, because maintaining at 10 minute mile for me is not possible on 5k, and each of my minutes were all 10 min/mile paces.  Me?  10 min/mile pace? 

Don't laugh, you runners, but I did the 10 min/mile pace 8 times in a row! 

LOL  (I can laugh... you can't!). 

My average pace came to 12:45 for the 3.18 miles.  I'm thrilled with anything under 13!

Spin class was good, but my legs were spent from the fartlek.  I got on the spin bike and really had to get into a couple minutes before it felt better.  Eventually it did and I left it all on the bike by the time class was over.

After spin was :20 minute run home.  No goal for this run, and I didn't expect much either because spin was tough today.  Coach says I can kill it on the 2nd run, if I want, since it's such a short run.  Kat, my tri-club friend, is also the spin instructor at the Y and she decided to run with me the length of the parkway to get to my house.  I laughed to myself because she's just a chatty Kat and I'm dying trying to talk and run.  I always run alone... I never talk.  I can't believe how much harder that makes keeping control of your heart rate! 

In any case it was a good run, and my 1.6 miles home was a faster pace (of course the distance was shorter) than my first run... 12:44.  Okay, I know, only 1 second faster, but would have been even faster if I didn't have to stop/slow down for traffic!  So I made it home in 18 minutes -- that's 1.5 minutes off my best time so far. 

Kat was slackin' because she was running MY pace all the way out there, so of course she'd "feel great."  I told her she had to sprint back to the Y, and she said she'd text me.  She made it back there in 12 minutes!  One day I'll grow up and run like her... or anyone else faster than me. :)

Small victories. I have to remember these moments because when August comes and I'm having to slow down even more because of the heat, I can reflect back and feel some kind of success.

Masters Swim tomorrow.... 5:15, bright (or dark, really) and early!


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