Race Report: Tejas Triathlon (Relay)

I did a relay for Tejas Triathlon yesterday.  I did the swim.  It was a 600 yd open water swim in a man made lake in a subdivision.  My time was 13:24 (or 2:14/100 yds)  My goal should have been to maintain a 2:00-2:05 pace per 100 yards, but I thought the course was in meters so I had set my goal to do between 2:05-2:15 per 100m. Long story short, I met my goal in meters, which means I failed to reach my goal in yds.  That's the bad news.  The good news is, I'm now confident I can hit my goals for my next race's 300m pool swim... so long as I can be aggressive, pass people and not let people go ahead of me! 

Side note:  I took a look at some swim time and paces from previous years.  My
worst recorded pace was 3:17/100m in 2009 -- so I'm pretty darn happy being
able to note a marked improvement.  Where I couldn't break 2:00/per 100 yds
on intervals at the pool, I'm now doing 2:00/per 100m regularly, and had a
PR of 1:48/100m.  So as long as the swimming is paying off, I'm happy!!!

The race course was confusing to most everyone.  I heard in the years past, the swim was short, so to fix it, this year they added another buoy and another turn, which 99% of the field missed and kayakers really had no clue how to help the swimmers navigate.  On of my tri friends got skunked from 1st place in his age group because the 1st place guy cut the swim course.  I thought maybe I screwed up at first, but it turns out I was one of the few who did the whole course.  While that made me happy, I was kinda bummed when some people I expected to beat  had better swim times than me -- oh well.  I'm confident I did right. :)

I started out near the front of my wave (I'm getting braver).  I took off way too fast and by the time I was 400 in, I had to slow down a bit and take some active recovery.  After about a minute I pulled it together and finished pretty strong -- not as strong as I started, but stronger than I was for that couple minutes in the middle.  Everything just felt fatigued and burning... and there really wasn't any reason for it.

I came in and the chip exchange went smooth... we had just over a minute in transition time.  Nice!

I had another run on my schedule, so I went to pirate a loop of the run course.  The moment I started running though my calves were tight and cramped up.  I tried to run it out, stopping and stretching, but they weren't hearing it!  After a mile I called it quits and decided I'll live to run another day.

There were 12 mixed relays, which is kind of unusual.  There were a ton of HRTC members there racing.  I think it's awesome when a club has a boatload of folks racing; it looks sooooo good for the club.  Our team came in 4th of the 12.  Really, we couldn't be any happier because we all did our best.  Our biker averaged 21.5 and our runner (my Training Buddy) managed to hold a 7:50 pace for the 5K.  Our overall finish time was :57 minutes and a few seconds.  Not bad for a team of 40+ and 50+ age groupers.

I will probably choose to do this race solo in 2012.  It's a nice one.  Kudos to Out-loud productions.

Next up... FunFest Run by the Bay 10K and  then Y-Freedom triathlon (In memory of Elysha)


  1. Great job!!! I've never done a relay, may be I should tri it sometime!!


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