Spending Dough, Crazy Brick and Serious Stuff

It's been an expensive couple of days, I'll say that much. It started yesterday with needing new tires for my vehicle... $825 later, I have new tires. Ugh!

Then I had to find 10 speed Dura-ace bar end shifters for my bike, so it could be fixed before this weekend's training session. I can get through the week taking spin class for cycling, but going a weekend without a long bike, on my bike? No way.

T., my bike fix it guy, texted me before I left the bike shop and said I needed a new chain too... there I go, back into the store to spend more money.

He just texted me a little while ago that my bike is done and it "rides better than it ever did."  I hope so!  I"m so tired of problems.  It ought to ride itself with a full tune-up, new shifters and new chain!  :)

Tonight my Daughter is going to learn to ride her two-wheeler.  One of my friends from the club is coming over.  He swears he'll have her riding in an hour! He's as excited as she is.  I have an hour run tonight, but I can't miss the biking session... so chances are that run won't be happening, but who knows.

Saturday is "Crazy Brick".  We have these training challenges every 6 weeks, to help kind of gauge where we are at.  Essentially we're doing a triathlon on Saturday!  For those training for a half I have an hour long open water swim, a 2 hour bike at race pace, then a negative split run.  Sounds like overkill, and it is, but it's good for the mind.

I need to workout my nutrition.  I'll probably do my regular race day breakfast, plan a multi-hour bottle of Perpeteum & Water for the bike/run.   I need to experiment with solid foods on the run.  Seems like by the time I get to the run I'm at capacity for drinking another drop, and just feel like I'm going to vomit.  Yuck.

Masters was good this morning.  It was a challenging workout with 15x100's on my interval.  Whew... I get tired thinking of it.  At first I was going for 2:20/100m for my interval, but after I made the first 5 with more than 10 seconds to rest, I dropped to 2:15/100m.  I made most of them, missed a few, but only by 3-5 seconds.  I would love to do 2:15/100m at Redman.  That would be a great improvement over last year's something like 2:35/100m.  I know I'll be better.  By how much?  Is the question.

My surgery date was rescheduled to 7/12.  I'm kind of thankful I don't have to wait until 7/22.  I just want it done and over with!


  1. I like that crazy workout you got going this weekend! Sounds fun :) I need to work on my nutrition on some more too!!

    Anxious to see if you daughter does will with just two wheels. Elliott wants to take his training wheels off now......I'm not ready for him to grow up!


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