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Yesterday was a particularly tough day, for many reasons.  It started off bad, went to just barely okay, and by the end of it I was spent.

Masters started off great... I was pleased with my TT effort -- especially being able to note such a marked improvement over my 2011 time trial.  However at the end of the TT I got into a little scuffle with my lane mate and it's been bugging me entirely too much.  I'm not certain he was having the best of days.  He's a great runner and biker.  Swimming?  He's getting better, but suffice it to say that swimming is probably the only thing I can do better than him.

During our time trial I came up on him at around 800m in. I started ahead of him too, which means I was ready to completely lap him.  I tagged his feet with my right stroke, then with my left and backed off.  He hammered me, solidly planting kicks right in my face and then shot me a look.  It was abundantly clear he had no intention letting me by.

I was kinda stunned at his behavior.  "Did he really just do that?" This guy is competitive with his own level of athletes, but generally a good sport to all, so I thought, "Maybe I'm making this up?"

Fueled by his behavior I sprinted and tried to get around him again in the next length.  Even though it was clear I was overtaking him, he wouldn't give me any clearance to pass AND there was and another swimmer coming, making us 3 abreast the lane.  We got to the wall again and he stayed the same side to push off and I did the same, but this time I got past him.  It was entirely too much drama for 50m, and it sucked all the fun out of my morning.  I just hate pissing people off. 

So yesterday morning I sent him a message, "Hey, Did I piss you off?  I'm sorry I tagged your feet in swim this morning.  I was just trying to get past you."

I mean we were, after all, doing a time trial.

10:30 last night he replies, "Yes.  I will get over it."

I don't even know for sure what I did!

Was tagging his feet inappropriate?

Or is his ego just a little bruised?  I don't have the reputation for being a super-fast athlete, you know? 

So I replied again.  "I don't want to continue to piss you off, because then both of us will be miserable.  So, how do you suggest I handle this situation next time?" Passing him is bound to happen again at some point, just as I'll have days where he passes me... especially with those damn fins. :)

I just don't want there to be all this tension at Masters, because then I won't want to go. Ugh!

So that's, that. 

I rushed home from work, leaving later than I hoped, and headed out to brick to make up what I didn't do on Tuesday morning with usual my run/bike/run.  Although this time I did just a longer bike/run.  The bike was good.  It was 1 loop easy and 2 loops hard... repeated it and ended with 1 loop easy.  I felt good about my effort, though I kinda went outside of the Heart Rate MC planned.  It was so freakin' windy yesterday!  It was like riding the Lonestar course. I couldn't help it.

The run?  Not so good.  I could feel my calves tight on the bike and on the run I was just cramping.  Tried to tough it out for a mile out and just gave it up.  It was an ugly stretch of walk-stretch-run-walk.

This morning was a fartlek/spin/run.  I'm guessing I wasn't really recovered from yesterday.  the 1,000m TT, the brick and 6 hours of sleep, probably did me in.  I got out there this morning though and did it... ugly as it was.  My normally 18 minute run home from the Y took me nearly 22.. it was so freaking humid, even my legs were dripping sweat. 

Bad days are bound to happen and that's okay.  It does make you appreciate the good days even more.  I know part of it is my state-of-mind.  I hate that I upset someone I genuinely like and respect.


  1. I don't actually know who you're talking about, but it doesn't sound like you did anything that you should feel guilty about. Does he get mad every time someone passes him in a tri with a pool swim? Because that happens to everyone regardless of how fast/slow they are. Anyway. :)

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    My feet have been tagged enough to know it"s just someone letting me know they are there and will pass, a courtesy Hey, I'm here.
    I think he took it personal. I think by sending an email, you went above what was needed.
    I understand, though about not wanting to go with tension though>
    Sharla (still don't know why I can't sign in with google)
    Wanted to thank you for something you wrote in a post(don't remember which). You wrote about active recovery, while swimming. I had never heard that term or even had thought about it. I have been doing it in my open water swims and it has worked so well, I don't have to stop to rest/breathe, I now know, my arm can hang out and wait a bit :)
    Thank you!

    Oh, I decided on the Barb's(half) portion of Vineman. The half only has a swim cut off :) (another tip I took from you)
    My brother has to have his shoulder replaced, so no Xterra for awhile, that and the rattlesnakes are out and I wont ride my mtn bike with them. I'm super afraid of snakes

  3. I think he took it way to personally. Probably bruised his ego a little. I wouldn't be worried about it if he won't grow up and let it go. I mean ya'll are all there to train and get better.

    Great job on pushing through on your training. I know all too well what humidity does. It sucks the life right out of you makes you question everything.....yet we just keep trudging along.....


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