In the big picture, races and training are really nothing compared to family, friends, and that thing we all have no choice to do called "work."  In that spirit, I wanted to take a moment to remember Angel.  A friend and fellow triathlete who left this world to raise a little ruckus in Heaven.  I met Angel through a mutual friend.  From the first moment I met her, I knew there was nothing I could do but admire her bigger-than-life personality.  I mean, really, you didn't stand a chance not to like her.  She literally was bigger than life in every way!  In her company you could not ignore her positive energy and free spirit!  When I was told she was sick with breast cancer, I would have never believed it in a million years, you know?  But then who would have thought she'd beat BC, just to battle Leukemia thereafter.

Angel, in the black.  Finishing
when others might have quit.
The last time I saw Angel was at the Sweet & Twisted Tri in 2009.  A group of us "TriDivas" were supposed to do the race, but one-by-one, nearly everyone had to withdrawal for some reason.  Despite the fact no one else from Angel's group of friends in Dallas were coming, she forged on and met up with Elysha and I.  We had some fun times pre-race, shared some meals (and of course laughs).  At the race we waited for and cheered for one another at the finish.  Angel had a challenging race that day and could have easily given up, but true to her fighting nature, she she headed back out to the course to Finish.  :)

So with both Elysha and Angel up there in Heaven, I'm guessing someone's planning either one heck of a party or most fun triathlon ever!  Both of these friends were special to their loved ones and friends and their loss will be deeply felt.  Recently, someone who had the chance to meet and photograph Angel,  wrote this perfectly fitting tribute.  Rest peacefully, Angel.

And by the way, Angel is her real name.  Not ironic at all, because I'm certain she was destined from birth to be a role model of spirit and strength.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. She touched you as a friend, so her memory will live on. My sincerest regards to her family and friends.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Puts everything in perspective......hugs!


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