There's Always Another Day to Train

5:00pm... Rush home from work after being held-up in traffic. "Good.  Still have enough time to squeeze in track before I pick up the kiddo."  Get changed grab gear and head to track.  "Man!  What's going on at the track?"  Some kind of athletic camp thing and they're using the track.  "No problem.  Will hit the Intermediate school's old-school gravel track."  "Good... all to myself."  Star my warm-up.  Legs feel like dead weights.  "It will get better.. just need an extra lap of warm up."  No... not better.  "Okay, let's get it started.  Maybe the faster turnover will make it better."  Nope.  Legs don't want any part of this playtime today.  They felt like lead after a warm-up and 2x400's and I just felt horrible from the heat.  I decided to throw in the towel and go home.

I went home only to decide to give it a shot later at 7pm -- This time I made it 4x400's and 4x200's and said, enough!  

Some days you just have to know when enough is enough. 

2 weeks ago I had surgery and last week work took over and made training pretty much a non-event.  In my "infinite wisdom" I thought I'd be able to do out track work, as normal, but was rudely awakened.  I don't know what I was thinking?  I guess the point is, I wasn't.  Thinking, that is.  You can't go from doing not-much to doing speed-work as usual.  It's just silly, not to mention stupid. 

Of course I see that now.  Doh!

My inability to pull-off track made me somewhat determined to make this weekend a great training weekend.  I decided to head out to Memorial Park with my training buddy for a change of scenery.  Sometimes changing up the run location makes me feel mentally better and I have a better run.  "Hombre" is my training buddy.  Actually, these days, he's more of a co-pilot, because the only part of training we actually do together is drive to a location.  He swims, bikes and runs way faster than me AND he's training for a 140.6 distance.  Still we keep tabs on one another; it helps sometimes to have someone checking in on you.

So I got in a hard 8 mile run.  It was ugly, hot and pretty darned painful.  I knew I would not feel good the next day, when I started feeling soreness the same day as the run.  Typically it takes 24 hours!  It's amazing how 2 weeks off can leave you feeling like you're gonna die. 

As I came downstairs on Sunday morning to leave for my long bike and I just knew it would be as bad as my run was.  Call me silly, but it was probably the whole having-to-hang-on-to-both-hand-railings, that gave it away.  Haha!  Every step hurt!

Surprisingly my ride was good, until the last 8 miles.  In fact, I was having a pretty darned good ride!  I probably pushed it a little too hard on the way out, but I was feeling strong.  It would have served me well to dial it back a little on the way out and have some more left in the tank for the ride back, but I felt pretty good, in spite of my soreness.  About 40 miles in my legs were just tweaking... right on the verge of cramping.  Hammies, quads, calves... probably my toes too!  I tried to relax everything but that didn't work.  I finally had to jump off my bike, stretch and walk around.

I finished the 51 mile ride in 3 hours, so I felt pretty darned good about it.  I know the only reason my legs tanked was because of the beating they took the day before. That, and I wasn't properly recovered and likely not completely well-hydrated.   By the end of yesterday I felt like I had just done a 70.3. Needless to say, me and my rubber legs skipped the 20 minute transition run that was supposed to follow the bike.

Enough was enough.  :)

So with recent news that Lonestar's Sprint distance is moving and will join the Galveston 5150 beginning this year, it means the only race in Galveston this April is the 70.3.  Now, I could go and do the 70.3 because I know most of my club friends will be doing it, but I'm starting to take a second look at the races I do and why I want to do them.  I want to be doing races I want to be doing... even if it means traveling a little for them.

I've found that websites aren't always reflective of the quality of the event.  Some of those races that have old-school HTML pages, no Flash, background music or video, sometimes have the best races.  I'm learning that asking around is the best bet on finding out the true scoop on a race.  I'd like to get in a few races in the Dallas area next year and use the race weekend as a way to visit with friends too!  Some races I'm considering:

Gulf Coast Triathlon
This is on the Ironman  Florida course. They offer a 70.3 distance.  It's Mother's Day weekend.

HITS in Corpus Christie
This race is in February.  Would be super nice to race in an effect where it's not a sweltering 100+ degrees.  I think I'm done training for 70.3 events over the Summer!  I've never been to Corpus and it's some place I think I might like to see. 

All this is just rambling really.  I need to get through this year first!

I still have an entry to Oilman Texas (formerly Ironstar) burning a hole in my tri-bag.  I think I've decided to do this race as a relay, and actually do the run portion. I know... I can't believe I'm saying that, but I have got to get my running going over the winter.  One of my coaches said he'd consider putting together a relay with me.  We have time to think about that, but it could be fun. 


  1. I know what you mean about training weekends. I got up early Saturday morning and ran 10. Felt good, pleased with my time. Felt okay all day. Ended up skipping the movie with the family so I could go to bed early. Up and at them early Sunday morning for a 70 mile bike.....knew right away within the first 10 miles this was not my day! Had some good parts (only about 16 miles) the rest was yucky!

    Felt it all day yesterday. Just tired! This heat just sucks everything right out of you!!!!

    Keep it strong....we will get there!


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