Training Weekend: Crazy Brick

Saturday was my much anticipated crazy brick:  1 hour open water swim, 2 hour bike and :20 negative split run.  I prepared my nutrition, had my regular 2-hour-before-race-start breakfast, 2 bottles of water w/Nuun and a multi-hour bottle of Perpeteum.

The whole idea of the brick was to make sure our nutrition is what we need.  I've been struggling, trying to find the right nutrition since last year.  My last Endo said, "No" to Soy, but the new Endo says "Yes!"

So the brick is supposed to mimic race day and time spent on the course.  A lot of folks don't eat before the swim.. or maybe they do a gel :15 before, but for half and full distances, sometimes it's not enough.  You get half way through the bike and you're already behind on nutrition, which makes you behind on nutrition for the run.  Nutrition is key for half and full distances.  You can't screw it up, or you'll be living the dream in a bad way. 

Personally, I can't eat or do gels minutes before a swim.  That's why I have a good meal 2 hours before.  The idea is that it takes 90 minutes for your body to process and eliminate what your body needs and doesn't want.  It seems to work for me.  It may not work for everyone:

This a modified version of the breakfast I got from my Sports RD last year.  There's just no way to fit that kind of volume in my stomach, so I had to make adjustments:

100% whole wheat Bagel Thin (It's supposed to be an Ezekiel muffin' but it's too much for my pouch)
2 T. Almond Butter with a little bit of Honey
1 Banana (supposed to be 2 small bananas, but again too much for my pouch)
Hammer Nutrition Bar (These are super easy on my stomach)
16 oz. of Gatorade (this primes your system to start processing carbs as you take them in -- it works too!)

On Saturday I was out of Hammer bars, so I went back to my PowerBar since I had some laying around.  It tastes fine, but as soon as it hit my stomach, that was it.  I knew it.  No more. Tummy doesn't like them.

Swim:  My swim was pretty good.  I made it just about 3 laps around the lake and they say it's about 800m per lap.  I swam closer to the outside on the first 2 laps, and not as much on the 3rd.  so I did somewhere between 2100 and 2400 in the hour.  It was intervals of a 8 minutes at a moderate/easy pace and 1 minute of race pace throughout the hour.  I felt strong the entire time, but hampered a little by my hip flexor -- I was having some pain while kicking.  Not sure what that's all about, but I'll see if it returns during Masters tomorrow.

Bike:  My 2 hour bike was awesome and I felt great the entire time.  I got in just under 35 miles for just over 17 mph average.  That's right where I want to be for Redman... 17-18 mph.  I felt strong the entire time and even surged several times to catch people ahead of me.  It was a good ride... all except for the bee that met it's demise in the air vent of my helmet!

Run:  My :20 run was okay.  Pace was slow, but it was stupid hot and terrain at the lake was grassy/gravel and rocks.  Not conducive for me to run on -- I just don't feel stable. I run much better on pavement.  It was a chore to get done, but it wasn't for lack of nutrition or energy... I just wanted to be done!

Thereafter I went and jumped back in the lake to cool off.  So did my brand new Blackberry Torch :(

On Sunday I was supposed to be off, but did a 1 hr easy, easy, EASY ride, then stretched.

On Monday was another 2 hour ride, and again I did almost the same nutrition, but I was missing the Hammer Nutrition bar.  My ride was solid, though the last :30 minutes my quads were burning a bit.  I worked hard to keep my pace up and still wound up averaging about 17.5, so that was good enough for me.

All in all it was a successful training weekend.  The Perpeteum is working for me and I feel so much stronger for a longer period of time.  This next weekend I have a 3 hour bike, and I'm going to throw in a short transition run just to see how my stomach feels.


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