Trying to Beat the Heat!

It's been a bumpy road back after my 2 week hiatus, and I realize that's no newsflash to my blog because I've been whining about it ever since!

I share it again because some people really think I don't ever stop or 't experience challenges with maintaining my training schedule.  I do.  I have challenges everyday.  Like everyone else, I have to accommodate work and family, so on occasion I need to be able to shift around training sessions.  MC is not a fan of shifting or snowballing workouts without GOOD reason, and rightly so... doing so creates the perfect open invite for injury.

Most days I make the right/good choice (I say the right/good choice because sometimes NOT training is the right/good choice).  Some days I fight the right choice.  On rare occasions I just say, to hell with today.  Sometimes you just have to be flexible and improvise.

Yesterday's track work was better than last week's 2x attempt fail, but only by a slight margin.  I warmed up and did just 3 of my 10x500's and quit.  I couldn't breathe.  The air was so hot, it was as if there was no air to inhale. Track is hard for everyone right now.  I just couldn't help but feel like a complete wuss on the way home.  Besides, track is supposed to be hard, right?  Right!

Knowing all that, still I bailed.  I decided I would finish on the treadmill at the Y and do something.  My 500's were taking about 3:30, so I did intervals on the treadmill.  Since I run by heart rate anyway, I just made sure I hit my goal 5K HR on the intervals.  I did a 1 minute walk, in lieu of walking 100m on the track.  When I got the Garmin data home, it was pretty darned close... the outdoor data vs. the indoor data.  I realize that the treadmill controls my speed ad therefore there's not total gain in that area, but still I ran my intervals between 11 and 11:15 pace, which is a good clip for me.

In the end I got 10x500 in.  It wasn't exactly according to plan, but it was better than driving the car straight home and parking in the driveway.

I have to figure something better out.  Scheduling to go after dark usually means I'm not going. I hate going early morning and being alone at the track (it's kind of secluded).  And we definitely know that  I just "cook" between 4pm and 5pm.  Ugh!  I need the Fall to come... or just a 10 degree drop would be nice!

This weekend we have another brick challenge scheduled.  It's a 30 minute run at Ironman pace, 2 hour bike and a 45 minute negative split run.  I can feel my stomach turn just thinking about how hot it could be.  With the possibility of the tropical depression hitting the Gulf, we'll probably get to add a boatload of humidity to the mix.  Yay!

My plan is to start my run at 5:50 am, bike by 6:30am, run by 8:40am.  I can be done and out of the sun by 9:25!  After that the family is headed out to cabin near Surfside for a quick overnight getaway at the beach.  I'm actually looking forward to it... especially being *off* from training on Sunday!

I use Nuun tablets as part of my nutrition/hydration plan.  Nuun recently changed their branding and added some new and interesting flavors.  I'm always a little hesitant of the flavors outside of orange or lemon lime.  I've been lucky with Nuun so far.  I like the Lemon Lime, TriBerry and Kona Cola.  I got super brave a few weeks ago and tried the Grape. Completely exotic, I know.  I absolutely love the Grape.  It's better than any other flavor I've tried to date.  I went to their website and learned they also have strawberry lemonade!  I need to get some; I ♥ strawberry lemonade.

If you don't know, the tablets are like alka-seltzer; you just drop them in water.  Once they're done fizzing the carbonation is lost, so their safe for "re-engineered" stomach pouches.  They're combination of electrolytes/salt, sugar-free and only 8 calories per tablet and carbohydrate-free.  They have a really light taste which seems more than tolerable.  Generally Gatorade, EFS and even Cytomax can only go down my hatch for so long.  I think I may have found something to drink, for the duration of the race, that won't leave me ditching my ultimately useless fuel belt somewhere! This weekends crazy brick will let me know for sure.  Here's hoping.


  1. I only do speedwork on the treadmill when it's this hot outside. I just can't do it outside. I overheat immediately.

  2. Oh I feel your pain with the heat!! It is sucking every bit out of me right now.....we must roll forward though right?

    cabin sounds wonderful, enjoy your weekend!


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