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Race Report: Clear Lake International Triathlon

After the Friday night banquet and hearing Dave Scott speak I was raring to go.  I got to transition and setup. Did I mention I was just 6 bikes away from Dave Scott in the same rack?  Well, I was!

Anyway, checked and double-checked everything and headed inside to the hotel's lounge, which was air conditioned and empty at 6am, to just relax and visualize my race -- of course keeping in mind the new things I learned from Dave's talk the night before.

My wave start was 7:21.  I left the comfort of the hotel lounge and headed to the swim start.  I decided to take a quick confidence test of the 9ft ladders swim and warm up.  The first thing I noticed was how salty the water was.  It was surprising to me.   Anyway, the ladders didn't fail me, though I did pity the athlete who would get stuck be hind me climibing up!

My wave actually went off at 7:28.  We all started staging around 7:15 and I felt good.  Almost instantly it seemed like our wave was called to the dock and it was …

Friday Night Banquet with Dave Scott

It's no secret, that to start, my head really wasn't in the game for CLI.  I admit as the race drew closer, I was feeling more positive.  My ITB knee pain was looming over my head and I was a little worried.  I knew I was going to try to get into see Dr. T. to help get some relief, so I was at least hopeful.

I saw my coach at Masters Friday morning, where I had a micro-mini bike/swim/run brick.  After that little challenge, I knew my ITB was going to be an issue for Saturday's race.  I also knew I had to get in to see Dr. T.  I was just hoping she could take me.

I told MC about the pain and we went over my plan.  I really felt good about the race plan and the race... all except for my stupid ITB.  I headed to work and immediately left a message for Dr. T. -- turned out she was on vacation but came in for a couple hours to take care of the 4 of us that called her!  She's super!  She said, "I might be able to let 1 person go, but I can't do that to 4 athletes.&…

Wanted: Raceday BuZzZz

So tomorrow is Clear Lake International Tri, and I'm doing the Olympic distance. My head just not in go-mode... I have no race day BuZzZzZ at all.  This same thing happened before River Cities, but I was able to come out of my funkish state and get in the game, so I'm hoping for the same with this race.

CLI changed it's venue this year, so it should be interesting.  The swim is in the marina, the run is a 3 loop course for 10k and the bike is on local roads that I am completely familiar with -- including 2 passes over the Kemah bridge.  We'll see how it all pans out.  The run course is going to be a little wonky, as they had to change the course at the last minute because a local HOA didn't want the race to go through their neighborhood.

The last time I did CLI, I did it as a relay and I thought I was going to die on the bike because it was so stinkin' hot.  I mean, it literally feels like you're riding into a hair dryer that on high heat.  Our runner had …

Nutrition Plan for Oly Distance

Okay, so I've got the plan worked out.  Providing everything goes well testing Thermotabs this week, I'll run with them on Saturday.  This plan is based off my original caloric and sodium intake recommendations by my sports nutritionist.  At the time I wasn't using Perpetuem, so I've had to adapt the plan.  I've over-planned, just in case I'm out on the bike longer than expected, but generally I will finish the bike under 1:30 and the run under 1:20.

My Redman race plan will be similar, except my requirements will be extended to meet the time requirements for the 70.3 distance.  

This plan is based on my weight, sweat rate and BMR. I can genuinely tell a difference in performance when I follow this plan (especially the pre-race breakfast and 20 oz. of G'ade) vs. when I don't.  The G'ad ade for breakfast is supposed to be a primer for your body to prepare for the distribution of fuel to your body. 

The thing I really like is that aside from breakfas…

NJ & Me - Perfect Together!

Headed back to NJ for a week to visit family.  It was a great visit and too short, as usual.

The weather was the best!  I received text messages from friends training in 100+ degree heat killing themselves, meanwhile I was having my best long run and time trial run ever!  It was back to reality on Sunday as the blast of heat hit my face as I exited the HOU airport.  I knew I was not in NJ anymore.  Boo!

Running really was great, and I have to admit I was looking forward to possibly enjoying it!  I had to do a 2 mile time trial while I was there, so I was going to run from my Mom's house to my old high school and hit the track.  I did just that, but the track was being resurfaced.  So on to "Plan B":  I did my time trial on the road.  My time was 23:20! 11:38 for the first mile and 11:42 for the second mile.  That was with a 1 mile warm up.  I can't tell you how good it felt to see those times. It relieves me to know that there is improvement, even though I can't …

Making it Easier for Me and EVERYONE

One of the hardest things about training for 70.3 (or whatever your distance) is balancing everything.  I have a 6 (turning 7) year old, a Husband, a House and a full-time job.  It takes a village to make sure everything gets done and my family is amazing with helping they way they do.

Most of the time I do okay keeping up with everything, but Sonja Wieck's latest entry got me thinking of some of the things I try to do (not always successfully or timely) to make things easier for my family, for me and to make sure I stick to my training plans.  Now, especially, in the last 5 weeks before my "A" race.  My biggest problem is, once one thing falls out of synch, other things do as well and domestic chores just snowball!  The same goes for my training... if something happens and I miss a session, my training sessions snowball and I'm killing myself by the end of the week.  Not good for quality training sessions or keeping injury free.

Sonja's entry has some great ide…

Kristin Armstrong on Focus

Kristin Armstrong on Focus

Read This...

Okay, if you've seen the recent Nike ad, you can't have fun here. If you haven't, then read on.

“My butt is big and round like the letter C and ten thousand lunges has made it rounder but not smaller and that’s just fine. It’s a space heater for my side of the bed/ It’s my ambassador to those who walk behind me/ It’s a border collie that herds skinny women away from the best deals at clothing sales. My butt is big and that’s just fine and those who might scorn it are invited to kiss it. Just do it.” Nike.

What do you think when you read this?

For me, I think it's kind of cool and reminiscent of the Dove campaign where they used "average" women/models in their advertising.  I think it's verbiage that makes a woman feel comfortable with her imperfections... learning to accept them and finding the positive.  Don't like it much that it pokes digs at skinny chicks, they have issues too.  This isn't about being fat or thin... it's about being comf…

Race Report: 2011 River Cities Triathlon

So this race is called the "Best lil' Triathlon in the South" and boasts that Lance Armstrong holds the original course record.  The course has changed since he's done it, but they still boast. The field is limited to 1,000 participants.  The race sold out in 25 minutes, online.  They also said 50 athletes showed up to packet pickup at closing, hoping for no-shows they could buy.  It's about a 4.5 hour drive from Houston, and I think well-worth it if you're up for doing a destination race, doable over a weekend.

It goes without saying, they also have the best swag of any race I have ever done!  This year was no exception... I got an amazing backpack/transition bag, a race-themed Tech Shirt, a Tee- shirt with the monster logo (to the left) on it, a running Jacket, a running hat and a pair of seamless socks.  Last year we got a piece of triathlon-friendly luggage that retailed for $250.  The same bag was on clearance this year for $90!

What I like most about …

53 and Counting

53 days to go until Redman. Just 53. 

53 days to go, and I finally made it 100% through a 3 mile track workout.  3 miles... and I have a 70.3 coming.  Of course the intensity is different, but one would think I would make it better through a 3 mile track workout than I have been lately.  In any case the workout was good.  Almost broke a 10 minute pace with a 10:01.  The rest of my 400's were also between 10:01 and 11:08 pace, with the exception of one which was 11:48.  Not sure what happened there...  maybe I stopped to bake a ham. 

I know those times aren't staggering fast, but when I reflect on last Summer's track work and fast was a 13 or 14 minute pace on 400's, I can certainly appreciate the improvement.  I know getting the right medical protocols in place to deal with my challenges was key.  I hope to continue to experience improvement.

Our Masters pool is closed for resurfacing, so I've had to go back to 24.  Ugh!  After swimming at the fitness center, I for…