53 and Counting

53 days to go until Redman. Just 53. 

53 days to go, and I finally made it 100% through a 3 mile track workout.  3 miles... and I have a 70.3 coming.  Of course the intensity is different, but one would think I would make it better through a 3 mile track workout than I have been lately.  In any case the workout was good.  Almost broke a 10 minute pace with a 10:01.  The rest of my 400's were also between 10:01 and 11:08 pace, with the exception of one which was 11:48.  Not sure what happened there...  maybe I stopped to bake a ham. 

I know those times aren't staggering fast, but when I reflect on last Summer's track work and fast was a 13 or 14 minute pace on 400's, I can certainly appreciate the improvement.  I know getting the right medical protocols in place to deal with my challenges was key.  I hope to continue to experience improvement.

Our Masters pool is closed for resurfacing, so I've had to go back to 24.  Ugh!  After swimming at the fitness center, I forgot how much I loathe the pool at 24.  MC picked me up at 5am and I got my swim done.  It was a good workout.  Seemed like a really quick 2500, because I was done just a couple minutes shy of an hour -- surprising since I had some IM in there and I can back or breast stroke.  For some reason though, my butterfly is coming along nicely.  I don't get that at all.

Looking at a 1:30 trainer ride today and a run/bike tomorrow and a 3200m open water swim on Friday. 

I was going take care of my trainer ride at lunch and stay late at work to make up :30 minutes, but I brought my gear, but not my bike.  How's that for forgetful?

52 1/2 days. :)


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