NJ & Me - Perfect Together!

Headed back to NJ for a week to visit family.  It was a great visit and too short, as usual.

The weather was the best!  I received text messages from friends training in 100+ degree heat killing themselves, meanwhile I was having my best long run and time trial run ever!  It was back to reality on Sunday as the blast of heat hit my face as I exited the HOU airport.  I knew I was not in NJ anymore.  Boo!

Running really was great, and I have to admit I was looking forward to possibly enjoying it!  I had to do a 2 mile time trial while I was there, so I was going to run from my Mom's house to my old high school and hit the track.  I did just that, but the track was being resurfaced.  So on to "Plan B":  I did my time trial on the road.  My time was 23:20! 11:38 for the first mile and 11:42 for the second mile.  That was with a 1 mile warm up.  I can't tell you how good it felt to see those times. It relieves me to know that there is improvement, even though I can't always see it.

Run Route from Fair Haven to Sea Bright.

So if my time trial run wasn't good enough, my long run was also awesome!  I did just over 9 miles miles in 2 hours.  It was a long slow run too... I kept my heart rate in check for most of it, though it did get away from me on a couple hills.  But to be able to hold a 13:04 pace for 2 hours is huge for me.  I only took walk breaks every couple miles, since my ultimate goal for Redman is to do the run and walk through the aid stations.

Oceanic Bridge, Sea Bright, NJ
I wish I took pictures while I was running, but had no where to carry my camera.  It was fun because I ran the same route I'd ride my bike to the beach when I was a teenager.  Riding my bike it seemed soooo far.  Now I know it was about 10 miles -- didn't have a bike computer then!  The scenery was beautiful.  I ran From Fair Haven to Rumson down Ridge Road, over the Oceanic Bridge and hung a right and ran until my turnaround time.  The homes on this stretch are just magnificent, full of character, and each more beautiful than the last.  The trees are tall and over the years now provide a ton of shade.  It was just so pleasant.

This week is another taper week.  I have a race on Saturday, Clear Lake International.  I'll be doing the Olympic distance as a dry run for Redman which is just about 5 weeks away!  I need to get my nutrition plan nailed.  Still haven't quite figured it out.  Sadly, Perpetuem Solids aren't going to work.  They're too big and I'd have to carry too many of them.  They're the size of a Nuun tablet in circumference, but like 3 times the thickness.  I did think of wearing my nutrition "Rambo" style, and exchange bullets for tubes Perpetuem Solids, but thought better of it.  Could you imagine?  But I really would need to carry something like 28 tables for 3.5 hours. It's insane.  It's a great idea they have with the solids idea, but not so much for longer workouts.  Bummer.

This weekend I'm going to do my regular Perpetuem and Water/Nuun on the bike and try Thermotabs for sodium on the run. A few people I know really like the Thermotabs and they're not coated or a caplet, so I think I might be able to absorb them pretty well.  We'll see how it goes.


  1. I've got to nail my nutrition down too! I've running with the Perpetuem Solids but I don't know how I'm going to swing that with Redman. I don't know if I want to totally rely on gels....

  2. You're such an inspiration for so many. Keep up the great work!


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