Nutrition Plan for Oly Distance

Okay, so I've got the plan worked out.  Providing everything goes well testing Thermotabs this week, I'll run with them on Saturday.  This plan is based off my original caloric and sodium intake recommendations by my sports nutritionist.  At the time I wasn't using Perpetuem, so I've had to adapt the plan.  I've over-planned, just in case I'm out on the bike longer than expected, but generally I will finish the bike under 1:30 and the run under 1:20.

My Redman race plan will be similar, except my requirements will be extended to meet the time requirements for the 70.3 distance.  

This plan is based on my weight, sweat rate and BMR. I can genuinely tell a difference in performance when I follow this plan (especially the pre-race breakfast and 20 oz. of G'ade) vs. when I don't.  The G'ad ade for breakfast is supposed to be a primer for your body to prepare for the distribution of fuel to your body. 

The thing I really like is that aside from breakfast, everything is liquid.  The Thermotabs (salt pills) are not coated and are not in plastic caplets.  They're like aspirin, only buffered.  My hope is I'll be able to absorb these.  We'll see!


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