Wanted: Raceday BuZzZz

So tomorrow is Clear Lake International Tri, and I'm doing the Olympic distance. My head just not in go-mode... I have no race day BuZzZzZ at all.  This same thing happened before River Cities, but I was able to come out of my funkish state and get in the game, so I'm hoping for the same with this race.

CLI changed it's venue this year, so it should be interesting.  The swim is in the marina, the run is a 3 loop course for 10k and the bike is on local roads that I am completely familiar with -- including 2 passes over the Kemah bridge.  We'll see how it all pans out.  The run course is going to be a little wonky, as they had to change the course at the last minute because a local HOA didn't want the race to go through their neighborhood.

1/2 of the Kemah Bridge
The last time I did CLI, I did it as a relay and I thought I was going to die on the bike because it was so stinkin' hot.  I mean, it literally feels like you're riding into a hair dryer that on high heat.  Our runner had turned an awful shade of green... it was a pitiful day.  Since then, I just haven't been motivated to re-register for this race.

However, that was then.  This is now.  I wasn't training then, the way I do now.  I know I'm prepared and that should make me feel great about everything.  Right?  Right!

Perhaps the other mentally limiting factor is I'm not really "racing" it tomorrow.  People pass me right and left when I am racing... but tomorrow I'll be executing my 70.3 plan.  It's really more of a long, supported training day for me.  So even more people will pass me than normal, and that can easily leave you feeling badly if you're not in the right mind-set.

Alternatively, I could do my 70.3 effort and be completely surprised!  So many folks will come out tomorrow, balls to the wall, and burn it up on the bike trying to average a certain speed on the bike, killing themselves -- if I have a good, solid run tomorrow, I could still have a really good race.  I think there are 7 Athenas racing the Olympic.  I know I won't place (there's a few really fast ones racing), but not finishing at the bottom is always my secret goal.  I would love to finish smack, dab, in the middle or better!   LOL

So my plan is to take the swim at my 70.3 effort -- a decent pace, but not oly effort. On the bike my heart rate stays under 140 -- "granny gear and smile over the bridge" (that's what MC says) "Do not let heart rate get out of control up the bridge."  The run:  keep HR under 150 and if I have anything left at the end (theoretically I should since I'm racing an Oly at 70.3 effort), then tear it up... well, as much I can tear up a run -- which isn't saying much.  LOL

The mantra for the swim and bike is "Run the run!"  I have to remain conscious of my effort on the Swim and bike to have a good run.  I'm going to run the course and walk the aid stations... just like I want to do at Redman.

I've got my nutrition plan slated, just need to follow it.  I feel good about that part.  It will be the first time I use Thermotabs in a race.  I took a few this morning during my mini brick and no adverse affects, so here's hoping!  :)

Tonight is the race banquet.  Dave Scott is actually going to be there to speak -- he'll also be racing on Saturday too.  I'm certain after the dinner and hearing him speak, I'll feel better and maybe will have found my mojo!

And it goes without saying, I don't ever race now without remembering Elysha. "Have fun and don't take this stuff too seriously."  


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