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Post Race Thoughts

What was different for me this time was I wasn't so worried about letting anyone down.

The thought of letting everyone down seemed to consume me my last two 70.3 races.  My family scarified time with me so I could train.  My coaches invest their knowledge and time too -- I hated to think they might feel it's for nothing much.  I'm not their best, fastest, athlete, and always found myself wondering if my boatload of determination really meant anything and if my "just finishing" really gave them enough satisfaction; that maybe not my not experiencing stellar finishes they might feel as if they had not done their job. 

This time though, I felt differently about it.  My goal with triathlon has never been to be the fastest or to stand on a podium step, although when the fast folks don't show and it happens it's cool -- an undeniable fact for every athlete.  But truly, for me, I just need to do better than I did the last time.  I race against myself only, and …

2011 Redman 70.3 Race Report

The alarm went off at 4:20.  My first thought was, "I slept pretty well considering I have a race today."  I quickly took care of business, got dressed, grabbed my gear and headed out the door, excited but calm, with Hubs.

I'm one of those freaks who likes to arrive when transition opens.  It was about a 2/3's mile walk to the transition area from where we parked, and it was dark -- we joked how we probably should have brought headlights because it was so dark.

I got into transition and my bike was still there (Yay!) and I got my gear laid out.  I was pretty calm, I kept wondering, "Why am I so calm?"  Setting up was completely uneventful and went smoothly.  I didn't forget a thing.  Yay!

It was cool that a lot of us BAMmers who were doing the 70.3 were racked closely.  I got the chance to meet Christy, a local triathlete, who I met at the 2010 Redman during my post-race breakdown (LOL), but under much better circumstances this time!  :) Last year she …

Redman 70.3 - Pre-race Report

After seeing my family off to work and school, I visited Dr. Taylor one last time for a little tweaking and cold laser.  After that, my TB (aka Training Buddy aka Hombre) picked me up and we were off to the airport. OKC, here we come! 

We arrived and it was pretty uneventful and calm.  Just the way I like it. The first sign I see as we leave the airport is for a restaurant named, "Kona Ranch."  How appropriate.  LOL

I checked-in and found my room had no fridge!  I thought for sure I had one last year?  I called the Marriott folks and asked them about it.  They said they were "by request only", and didn't know if they had any left.  Wonder why?  Maybe the  1,000 triathletes descending upon their business in the next 4 days had them all reserved.  Hope and pray, hope and pray! Anyway, they checked for me and 3 minutes later and a knock-knock at my door and the fridge fairy appeared! My lucky day.  Whew!

So TB had did some research and found a…

It's Time!

Wait... that sounded like my water just broke!

I mean it's GO-time!  :)

It's been non-stop action here at the Toler house since the weekend.  Between work, prep and packing I"m looking forward to getting a chance to relax before my race!  Sounds funny, eh? I'm heading out to Oklahoma today for Redman's 70.3 distance on Saturday.

I'm excited and I feel like I'm going to have a good race.

Today is just checking in to the hotel, a trip out to the local grocery and relaxing.  Tomorrow will be an open water swim, Friday bike check and bike check-in.

While triathlon is an individual sport, it takes a village to get an athlete to the hardest part, the Strart line.  Special thanks to my coaches OC and MC, the healing talents of Dr. Taylor, JJ Spencer and Robin!  My BAMily too, but most of all my Hubs for being so supportive in every way possible (and acting as my personal bike mechanic)... not to mention Cassie, the best cheer leading Daughter a Mom could have! …

A Good Read

Digging Deep to Your Best Ironman Marathon
by Sue Aquila for Endurance Corner

Obviously these tips can apply to any distance race!  Again with the "being present" stuff.  :)


I've been in similar situations to what the author describes. For me, it goes back to making sure you're giving your full, best or appropriate effort at every moment.

When I did my first half marathon, I had to ask myself some of these same questions she poses in her article.  For unknown reasons I would just walk a little longer on a walk interval.  My brain would tell me I felt horrible, but there were no other indicators that would corroborate what I *thought* I was feeling. 

I love the point she makes about the Finishers at Ironman.  How may have shuffled through most of the marathon, but all of a sudden are able to dig deeper past anything they felt earlier, and run that chute all the way in -- in good form and smiles too!  Yet to see them an hour earlier, they themselves may have be…

The Anxiety Gap

Just read this on Facebook...
Psychotherapist Fritz Pearls said:
"Anxiety is the gap between the now and the later."
Where is your attention? Do you live in "the later" more than the now?
Then you are trapped in your thoughts, because what is the future other than a thought in your head?  Only your thoughts can make you anxious!  Bring your attention to the now. Seeing, listening, breathing, feeling the aliveness inside your body. Welcome home.
With love,  Eckhart.[Tolle] Forgive me if it all seems a little tree-huggin' hippy for you, but I dig anything that keeps me "present."  I make my best choices when I am present.  Before you know it, life will pass you by and you lose time you just can't get back.

Maybe Just a Little...

Okay, so maybe I am getting a wee bit excited.  FINALLY!  I will apologize ahead of time for the random, scattered thoughts I'm about to share.  In my mind they are all related.  LOL 

I was beginning to think the new pre-race apprehension I have experienced with my last several races was going to follow me to this race as well.  Being side-lined for a couple weeks was super-bad for my head, but I'm coming out of my funk.  I did take a moment to remember all challenges I had.  Between surgery and injuries, it is enough to make anyone feel less than positive about what is to come.  However, after a good training weekend, I'm secure knowing I am not only capable of finishing, but definitely capable of doing better than I did before.

The plan now is to focus on all things positive and the things I can do to ensure I'm prepared and ready for race day.  I've got checklists and packing to do, and it always seems like it's so much more when it's a destination rac…

Bullets; Because I Need Order!

So much has been going on.  Forgive the randomness of this entry!
Work has been ridiculously stupid.  My help desk person and I have been at complete odds with one another, which really isn't a news flash, but her complacency and lack of desire to work as a team came to a head.  Had to *officially* deal with the issues.  I just don't understand some people.  I know I can't change her, but she's not offering any ideas for improvement.  I know where this is headed.  I don't like it. On top of this a server crashed this past week I think I put in close to 60 hours this past week, plus my training!  Somehow I was still able to see my family.Hubs is having a tough time at work too.  He's having to reel his people in and get them working in a more organized fashion.  He's stressed.  I'm stressed.  Communication can be hairy and I hurt his feelings this week and had to apologize.  An upcoming "A" race, 2 Triathletes, each with full time jobs and co wo…

Perfect Timing

I just found this draft blog and never published it.  Amazing timing... with my race BuzZzZz setting in.This was actually from 2010, after I finished my first half marathon. 

I had found this quote:
"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." Then my coach had sent me the following.  And yeah, it's my blog... I can toot my horn.  :)
Great job yesterday. I know you had a new issue you had to work through. You managed it and still did an amazing job. Even though it wasn't your plan, you did fantastic.  Once you sit down for a minute and look back at where you were and compare it to where you are today, you are someone's hero! Keep up the great focus - be proud of what you did yesterday - learn from your successes - fix the mishaps - look forward - have fun and lets get ready for April!!  I enjoyed seeing you run yesterday and look forward to a great season!  YC Then my other coach sent me this:

Three-day Weekend!

Well, just about every triathlete I know is excited for the three-day weekend!  Not just the extra-day off from work, but the extra free day of training! Kinda twisted thinking, eh?

I've been restricted from running this past week -- until next Wednesday.  My ITB is really aggravated because my glute is so darned tight.  I've been receiving massage and ART treatment and things seem to be a little better.  At least now I can walk up and down stairs with little to no pain.

Needless to say my 2 hour run was a no-go this weekend.  Instead I did a bike/swim/bike.  MC (My Coach) and TB (Training Buddy) road with me out to a lake almost 24 miles away and we swam for 30 minutes, then came home.  The wind was blowing and it was a pretty rough ride home, but I survived it.  TB did too, in spite of his injuries.

It was the first time I've ridden *with* MC.  He's just stupid fast, but I thought it was nice of him just to take a day to ride with a couple of his athletes he doesn…