Bullets; Because I Need Order!

So much has been going on.  Forgive the randomness of this entry!
  • Work has been ridiculously stupid.  My help desk person and I have been at complete odds with one another, which really isn't a news flash, but her complacency and lack of desire to work as a team came to a head.  Had to *officially* deal with the issues.  I just don't understand some people.  I know I can't change her, but she's not offering any ideas for improvement.  I know where this is headed.  I don't like it. On top of this a server crashed this past week I think I put in close to 60 hours this past week, plus my training!  Somehow I was still able to see my family.
  • Hubs is having a tough time at work too.  He's having to reel his people in and get them working in a more organized fashion.  He's stressed.  I'm stressed.  Communication can be hairy and I hurt his feelings this week and had to apologize.  An upcoming "A" race, 2 Triathletes, each with full time jobs and co workers who make it more difficult than it needs to be, an almost 7 year old and a list of tasks and chores a million times longer than you'll ever have time for.  It's all just a recipe for disaster, but somehow we manage to walk the tight rope, even if "I'm sorry" comes a little late.  :(
  • Injury.  After 2 weeks of treatment at another chiro's office, while my chiro was on a well deserved island vacation, my injury wasn't getting any better.  I was hopeful because I heard good things about this practice.  I became frustrated easily because I made an appointment with a specific doctor and then when I got there they did a switch-a-roo on me.  I'm sure the Doc who saw me is great, but his treatment plan didn't work for me  1 week of no running (4 weeks out from my A race)?  Okay, I'll listen.  I go back a week later (and 3 treatments later) and he says no running for a another week?  Oh, hell no!
  • Soooo, I was stressing over the no running thing and this new friend, Jenn, who is a therapist/specialist with MAT (Muscle Activation Therapy), offered to help me with my injury. I saw her for a treatment, and she said,"Run!" So I ran on Saturday! I definitely didn't hurt as much and it was nothing like what I had been experiencing. In some ways I actually felt stronger. My regular chiro, Dr. Taylor,  is  back in town and agreed that running should be okay (so 2 out of 3 professionals agree!), but wants me to come in to do some cold laser on my glute. If you need some MAT in the Houston area, look Jenn S. up here on DailyMile :)
  • Went and saw Doc Taylor for some ART and cold laser.  I'm feeling a gazillion times better.  So grateful to her and Jenn!
  • Today's training went well.  Practiced my pre-race breakfast and was right on the money with my ride nutrition (unlike my ride last week!).  Today I went 53 solo miles in 3:09. Goal was not speed, but to keep control of my HR and stay in my 70.3 HR zone.  I only spent 9 minutes total above my zone, and that included climbing the Kemah bridge.  I was pretty happy with my ride overall.  Headed out for transition run after and no glute pain!  Just my normal knee twinges that generally dissipate the longer I run.  
  • My race wheels and TT Helmet both worked well.  Seems just a tiny bit silly to be riding race wheels when the bike's "engine" is so big, but hey, we got a great deal and Hubs and I can share them.  Every second adds up on the long haul.  I just need a black seat, super wing and bottle holders.  Cuz ya know it's all about how it looks. :)
  •  I walked in from my bike ride this morning and my kitchen is full of bikes.  Mine, Darren's and yesterday we went to the local bike store to pick up valve stems for the race wheels and came home with a new bike for Cass-a-frass. We promised her a new ride when she learned to ride the two-wheeler. She got an Electra Hawaii.  Even the tread on the wheels are Hawaiian flowers.  So cool.  Incidentally, she pointed out, "Mommy, we can have the same bike!  They have one in your size too."
  • Here's to the taper... massage coming on the 13th.  Yyyyyes! 


  1. good luck! hope you meet your goals at Redman.

  2. Crazy life isn't at times!!! Glad the glute is feeling better!!! See ya next week :)


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