Three-day Weekend!

Well, just about every triathlete I know is excited for the three-day weekend!  Not just the extra-day off from work, but the extra free day of training! Kinda twisted thinking, eh?

I've been restricted from running this past week -- until next Wednesday.  My ITB is really aggravated because my glute is so darned tight.  I've been receiving massage and ART treatment and things seem to be a little better.  At least now I can walk up and down stairs with little to no pain.

Needless to say my 2 hour run was a no-go this weekend.  Instead I did a bike/swim/bike.  MC (My Coach) and TB (Training Buddy) road with me out to a lake almost 24 miles away and we swam for 30 minutes, then came home.  The wind was blowing and it was a pretty rough ride home, but I survived it.  TB did too, in spite of his injuries.

It was the first time I've ridden *with* MC.  He's just stupid fast, but I thought it was nice of him just to take a day to ride with a couple of his athletes he doesn't ordinarily get to ride with.  I think I was more self-conscious about it.  I just felt bad he might be wasting a perfectly good training day for himself, settling for 16/17 mph when he could be going 23/24 mph on his own and even faster with a group!

My nutrition was horrible on this ride for some reason.  I mean, I planned accordingly, but I think I was so preoccupied with keeping up that I neglected to drink and hear my reminder alarm on my watch!  Have to be better than that.  I was 7 lbs. down after my ride!  That's not good.

I was paying for it today -- I've been feeling a little off.  Went to volunteer for a race today and came home and took a 2 hour nap!  I've just felt lethargic all day.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so there's no Masters swim.  I have to swim on my own and do a 1 hour easy bike ("no data!" just ride).

In other news, Darren found a deal on a set of Zipp 404 Z4's.  We had to drive about an hour and 15 minutes to get them on the other side of Houston, but it was a pretty good deal.  They need a little TLC, but appear to be true and will serve us well.  Nothing a little clean-up and some new decals won't make look better.  I'm excited -- it was completely unexpected too!  I did promise Darren I wouldn't pink them out, so that he could still use them (an not lose his "man card").  LOL

I also got a deal on a new aero/TT helmet.  I decided to take the plunge on one, before we got the race wheels.  I'm looking forward to my new Rudy Project Wingspan Helmet.  I've talked to a number of folks and they love them.  We'll see how it goes.


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