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The Race I Didn't Wanna Do -- Race Report for Galveston 5150

And on the 7th day she raced. Even though, for the first time, she did . not . want to . True story.  Hard to believe, I know. I signed up for the 5150 race because Hubs was going to do the sprint and we thought it would be "fun" to both race the same day.  Plus, I thought finishing up the race season with some events in cooler weather would be a nice change from kicking my own ass all Summer long in the heat.  The cooler weather might have given me a peak at gains I made despite feeling like crapola.  Since the moment I crossed that Finish line at Redman, training has been inconsistent at best.  Work has been super busy and when I start missing workouts, even just for fitness, I start to lose motivation.  It's a terrible cycle.  I know it's even worse when I have a race looming and I have no desire to train when I do have a slice of time. Bah. The day before the race was a complete mom-a-thon.  We did a family breakfast, and hit the school district's

Good Grief! Where's The Time Go?!?

*Exhale.* It's been a couple weeks since Redman.  Where training ended work has picked up and I'm finding myself getting to work super early and then having no motivation at the end of the day.  I have the 5150 and Oil Man Texas left on my schedule.  Motivation would be a good thing to have right about now. I haven't really done anything consistent training-wise since Redman, though I did pull out a PR on the USA 10 Miler, which I was pretty surprised about.  I had only done 1 or 2 short runs after Redman, but that was it.  We used the 10 miler to start to figure out my A race strategy for Houston in January.  I had a hard time keeping heart rate down at the 10 Miler, which was kind of frustrating.  After the race, I found out a lot of people had the same problem, so I didn't feel so badly about my effort.  I tried my plan and then tried alternate things when the plan was not, well, going according to plan.  That's how it goes. There's stuff happening on