Everyone, Meet Otis!

Been meaning to post this!  Everyone, this is Otis.  Otis Toler!  The big "O", Oti-oh!  We got word  the adoption was "approved" on Tuesday, last week and we brought him home on Wednesday.

He's been amazing and we are quite surprised with how well he seems to be adjusting.  He's just a big, sweet boy who needs some love.  No surprises in the house, and no strange behaviors. :)

We brought him home on Wednesday and had about 15 friends over on Thursday morning and he was perfectly fine!  Just laid back and taking all the attention he could get. 

We brought him to the vet on Saturday for a check-up and a desperately needed "spa" day (Man!  Did he stink!!).  He's got some allergy issues, eye irritation of some sort, and some bronzing from licking his paws, but outside of that he's in good health.  We'll get him taken care of!

He's doing amazing with Cassie.  Cassie is doing well with him too, though she gets easily disappointed when he doesn't follow her around the way she'd like.  He does tend to follow me or Hubs more closely.  He rarely barks and doesn't scare her with jumping... she's getting to be more comfortable with him, so that's great!

He did have a HORRIBLE flatulence problem the first few days.  Holy cow!  I never knew dogs tooted like people do.  This boy knows how to clear a room, that's for sure!  We changed his food and had "good" night last night.  Hopefully that's the end of that, and he just needed something more easily digestible. 

We've had 3 escape incidents though, which kind of freaks me out and has me considering renaming him "Houdini" after the last one, where he managed to get out of an easy-walk harness!  If he gets out and you chase him, he thinks you are playing and just runs crazy!  This last time though I had Cassie with me, so I had to keep calm (she was getting upset too!) and I couldn't leave her there to run after him.  It was dark out already and we were taking him for a walk in our subdivision.  I just knelt down on my knees (prayed no cars would hit him) and called him calmly.  After a couple of huge laps on the main road, he came running back to me.  All this just reinforces the need for further obedience training. 

Otherwise he's been a joy to have.  He's so happy to be here (I guess!) and we're happy to have him!

We just brought him home here.

After his spa day... all nice and clean :)


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