I haven't been much about blogging lately.  Things are just busy with work and it's kind of affecting my motivation with everything in general.  I hate funks... the plus is, there's usually an upswing coming. 

As for today, well I'm home sick and feeling like warm kah-kah. I'm just hanging out getting caught up on blogs and club stuff, between waves of stomach sickness.  Boo.

Moving on...

So I'm seriously thinking about going to the Hy-Vee 5150 Nationals.  The Nationals are in Des Moines, Iowa... where it will truly be Fall weather.  Nice! 

I know.  Crazy?  Right??

I mean, I know I'll get slaughtered by the Athenas who truly represent what the weight class is for, but heck, when will I ever qualify for something like that again?  And face it... training for an Olympic over the Summer will be a bit easier than another 70.3.  I've trained for 3 70.3 distance races in a row... that a lot of training with very little downtime between and I need to recoup some time back to focus on some things that will make me stronger in the future. 

So I'm thinking.  THINKING.

Next, you gotta go over to visit Mere at Swm Bike Mom. She just finished her first 70.3 in Miami.  Go ahead... tell her how great she is.  I'll wait.  :)

Since I'm home, I'm getting caught up, reading a lot of blogs.  Everyone is setting goals for their off-season training. I know there are things I need to focus on.  Everyone wants to shed some poundage, or at least maintain through the holidays.  To me, those are pretty much a given.

If there is one thing I do this Winter, it will be to get weight training back into my routine, once and for all, and forever.  I started reading the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women.  It's the first time I've come across a book for women that is not, for lack of a better way to put it, pansy-like.  The authors of this book are not bullsh*tters either.  They're accomplished industry professionals with proven results.  I like that the program is based on training 2 days a week. Something that's pretty doable; I could fit it into my schedule with my triathlon training.

I had thought briefly about taking advantage of a local Crossfit special for November and December, but that takes away some flexibility.  Again, pondering.  Pondering which way to go.  The class atmosphere definitely gives a little extra nudge to get-up and go, in the way that Masters does for me for swimming.  In any case, I need to make a choice.

Strength training is important and I feel awesome when I'm lifting.  I'm not training for anything longer than an Olympic distance this next year, so I should recoup a bit of time that I can dedicate to this effort.

On the family front, Hubs is training for his first half marathon in March.  He'll be sidelined for a few weeks, having some surgi-stuff done, but then he'll be ready to tear it up!  I can't wait to see him achieve this goal.  I know how good it felt for me a couple years ago.  It was amazing.

The kiddo is doing great.  Growing like a weed and is standing taller than the corn in a fully grown field.  She's good and healthy, and that's the way we like it.  :)  She's recently started Girl Scouts... which also means Mom is doing Girl Scouts, since it's all completely led by volunteers, which I guess I didn't really know. In any case, another good reason to not be training for a half!

The other thing I need to do is work through some stuff in my Head.  I need to go for a consult to for a panniculectomy, but the bottom line is, I'm chicken.  I'm actually afraid the doc will tell me that I"m still too fat.  My primary care physician has already told me that's a ridiculous and that I'm a good candidate for the procedure, provided we get my Anemia under control.  I feel some level of excitement, wondering how it will feel to bike, run, or heck, walk up the stairs and not feel my lower stomach against the top of my thighs.


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