Race Report: Oil Man Texas; When You Just Can't

Looking for my Oil Man Texas race report?  Ummm, not gonna be one.  Sorry!

Oil Man Texas was back on the first weekend of November.  I was looking forward to the race, not so much as a race, but as a good long training day.  The ride is on the back-end of the Ironman Texas course, so I wanted to take the opportunity to check it out.

Since my "A" race (Redman 70.3), my training was pretty inconsistent.  Life happens:  2 hectic work schedules + just completing your "A" race = low motivation to fight for time to fit workouts in like you I was before.   The plain truth:   Before my 'A' race, I would have found some way, any way, to get something in on a crazy day where available time is seemingly negative.

Long story, short, during the week I had been sick. I was on the upswing Thursday and most of Friday, but Friday night I got slammed with some kind of allergy/sinus thing.  I felt a little better on Saturday and figured it would pass, "It's just an allergy thing." I headed up to Conroe and checked in to our "villa" and rested.  I realized I had forgotten my allergy meds {cr@p!}.  I picked some up at the store, but completely tanked Saturday night.  I woke up on Sunday to a head full of snot, a stomach full of drainage after a night worth of horrible rest.

I'm sharing this, not as an excuse, but as an example of when we have to make tough decisions.  Decisions for the larger picture.  It killed me to do so, and I'm sure it's not easy for anyone who has had to do it themselves.  Even though I had logical reason, I just felt like a quitter.  I had decided not to start a race. Sending that text to my coach, who was also racing, just felt awful, but I knew it was the right thing.

In my bigger picture there's an "A" race in January; the Houston Aramco Half Marathon -- plus I have 2 other races, the Texas Half Marathon on New Years Day, and RunGirl 13.1 in December.  I knew I had to  get on the ball with my training, with running being my weakness.  I had already lost a week of training being sick, and I did not want to risk losing a second week.  So there.  Decision made. 

If I'm keeping it completely real though, part of my disappointment stemmed from the realization of how little training I had done between the end of September and November.  And maybe if my training had been more consistent, it would have been hard, I would have surely felt like crap, but I would have been more confident and could have quite possibly survived without the worry of losing a subsequent week of training. 


Ah well.. I just move on from here.  :)


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