Juicin' it Up

Here's a view I hope you don't ever have to see.  I'd show you a view of my "friends" sitting here with me, but HIPPA police would probably swoop in and confiscate my Blackberry... then what would I do with the remaining hour I have waiting for this goodness to drip from the bag into my veins?

This, my friends, is Iron.  As in that stuff in your blood that helps give you energy and transport oxygen.  Not Iron as in Ironman. :(  Though I wish getting juiced up with this stuff could make my dream come true tomorrow!

So Hemoglobin is up (Yay!).  Iron stores were still low (Boo!)  I should be good now to go forward from here and hope that my vitamin regime, coupled with the procedure in August, will keep me at normal levels.  I started having some heart palpitations, which I recently learned can also be a sign of Anemia.  the palpitations aren't my heart racing, but rather my heart beat becomes irregular in pattern and is a mixture of strong and weak beats.  Very strange.  Also the palpitations are not activity induced.  As a matter of fact, they never happen during activity.  It's always when I'm just sitting around, doing nothing, or at work.  The hope here is that the palpitations weren't caused by my Thyroid meds, but rather the Anemia.  This way we can fix the Anemia and up my Thyroid meds so I can feel better.  Fingers crossed!

After my 10K PR on Turkey Day, I paid for it with my hip/TFL.  I saw my local miracle worker, and was doing better until track last night.  Track was fabulous, but again I'm paying for it today.  I have the RunGirl 13.1 this weekend.  I don't care if I have to walk the damn thing... I will finish it.  It won't be a fast (for me) or pretty race, but rather a good, l-o-n-g training day that I earn a cool medal, cute shirt and a pink beanie cap for. :)

Totally random:  Just stopped at the grocery store to pickup some lunch and chose some soup.  Somehow I poured a completely full, very large, ladle of hot soup on my hand that was holding the cup.  OUUUUCH!   It was all in slow motion.. even my reaction.  I was like, "Oh, look here, I'm spilling this homemade hot soup ON MY HAND!"

Soup's good though.  :)


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